It Just Makes Sense: Reviewing the Salomon Sense Ride 5

Stride. Turnover. Cadence. Running is really the simplest form of sport, with the essence being the efficiency of those three actions. Seeing as the only part of our body that touches the ground is our feet, the gear we shod ourselves with is of utmost importance.

With 15 years of running experience and countless miles, I know my way around a running shoe. But trail running shoes are something that I don’t often run in. So the Sense Ride 5 from Salomon is a fun experience.

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This is a sexy pair of shoes. I just love them. There are five color options, but I love the Lily Pad / Rainy Day / Bleached Aqua colorway. Its a really attractive design and a sleek profile. It doesn’t really look like a trail shoe – and I like that. It exudes a sense of speed and agility, making it a perfect choice for runners who value style as much as performance.

Fit & Construction:

The construction of the Salomon Sense Ride 5 is top-notch, with high-quality materials used throughout. The drop and the stack remain the same as the 4, as does the upper, but the 5 has some solid upgrades in the midsole. This is a fan-favorite shoe within Salomon, so keeping things that people love is a definite positive.


The upper is made of a breathable mesh material that helps keep your feet cool and dry, even during long runs. Salomon has a SensiFit design that is described as something that:

[C]radles the foot from the midsole to the lacing system, providing a secure, snug, and virtually customized fit all around the foot.

I found it provided a nice lockdown on the top, though it did feel a little constricting initially until a few runs to break it in.

The lacing is a little unique – removing the actual standard laces that are in most shoes and instead adding the Salomon Quicklace system. The laces are super thin but seem durable. They can tuck into a fun pocket on the top of the tongue to keep it from bouncing around. I will say these provide an optimum fit.

I am a little worried about the tightening clip and hope that its light, plastic construction isn’t busted by me – a tired trail runner not thinking clearly – when trying to tighten on the go. We are good so far.

For me, I often struggle with the right tightness on the trails. Sometimes I overtighten or sometimes my grip lessens as my foot is jostled around from uneven terrain. I can’t tell the number of times I have had to stop to tighten and retighten my trail shoes over the years. The Quicklace system takes the guesswork out of things and I find myself ready to go a lot quicker.


The midsole is made of Salomon’s EnergyFOAM – a combo of EVA and Olefin. I was unfamiliar with the latter, but apparently it is a foam polymer used in a variety of running shoes. Regardless, it makes for solid cushioning and energy return. As someone who has struggled with finding an optimal fit in trail shoes, these seem to be on the right track. There is enough cushion to provide a comfortable and responsive ride, but it also has a good trail feel thus far.

I haven’t yet ventured in double digits, but those shorter trail miles have been eaten up by these and I do enjoy the ride. I do think it will handle the long distances, though the sweet spot


The shoe’s Contagrip outsole offers excellent grip, providing stability on even the most challenging terrains. There is some good bite to the lugs, but overall they aren’t too chunky (3mm). Unless you are a true trail runner who needs super lugs, these will handle most everything you throw at it.

There is a protective toe cap and the outsole has provided excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces thus far – though the latter has been hard to come by for a while.


The Salomon Sense Ride 5 running shoe is a fantastic choice for runners looking for a reliable and durable shoe that can handle various terrains. It’s an excellent choice for trail runners and long-distance runners alike. Also, did I mention it is sexy?!

Saloman Sense Ride 5 $140


  • Weight: Men’s 10 oz 
  • Stack: 21.3mm forefoot / 29.6mm heel 
  • Drop: 8mm
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