Everyday Wear in HOKA with the new Transport

When a new pair of HOKA shoes come on the scene, we here at Run Oregon are always super excited. Yes, we are running geeks, but we know what’s good and HOKA is worth getting excited for. 

When you think HOKA, you probably have a mental image. HOKA is a running shoe staple, but their new Transport provides something a little new as a non-running option in the arsenal.

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As someone who oversees a running website, I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about and wearing active footwear. From hitting the pavement, tackling the trails, or getting a HIIT or weightlifting workout in – I have multiple pairs at the ready to fill each niche.

My non-running footwear is a little less robust – filled with options that are rooted in fashion, but not necessarily in function. It’s amazing how well my feelt feel during 90% of my life, but then I go on a date in a stylish pair of shoes and my feet ache shortly thereafter. So HOKA’s Transport is an interesting idea – working to blend a more fashion forward silhouette with the tech of a running shoe.

This sort of idea is not necessarily unique (I would say On and Deckers are two companies that seem to do something similar), but to see it with HOKA in this sphere is cool.


It’s hard to imagine these as a HOKA’s at first glance. I associate the company with bold color ways and eye popping visuals, so to see more muted colorways (Castlerock, Avocado and Black lineup), its sort of a mind mesh. This is obviously by design as these pair better with dress slacks or jeans than – say – a bright purple and neon yellow. I was desiring their Avocado green, but the Castlerock grey colorway is a classic.

The women’s version has different colors available.

Fit & Construction:


The upper is thoughtfully made from Cordura – a durable fabric that holds up well to scuffing. It does make things a little “tight” in the upper as a result and it took more than a few wears to get it stretched out to a place we liked it. But, as a result, my feet are super well supported in these. The soft padded tongue holds the foot down nicely. It’s likely not the most breathable pair of shoes you are going to be wearing – but in all likelihood that’s not necessarily a primary quality necessary in most casual settings.

One super unique aspect is the lack of laces (though standard laces do come as extras in the box). This quick system avoids the need for tying and lets you get straight to the wearing with a fit that can be adjusted on the fly. I liked that they still sort of look like standard laces so they don’t stand out a ton. They can be stored under the tab on the tongue so the tightening mechanism isn’t flopping around. However, they are probably a tad bit long for me as the cord goes relatively far out out the other side of the tab.

The shoe has reflectivity components all around that can keep you safer when you are out at night on the corner of a busy street. The reflective qualities are definitely hidden well (i.e. they are just giant strips of tape) because I didn’t even realize they were there until reading the website.


The Transports have more road feel and firmness than most HOKA’s. Don’t get me wrong though – there is still plenty of cushion and support with the CMEVA construction (made from 30% sugarcane!).

There is a little rock to the shoe – similar to their running options – making this a supremely easy and comfortable option. It also allowed my feet to avoid that discomfort that normally comes with an evening of old dress shoes. Honestly, the fit is where it is at. Whereas many casual shoes can wreak havoc on the feet in long wears, I feel I could stand in line for that new restaurant and not have my feet hate me at the end of the night.


Get ready for some squeakiness for a while thanks to the outsole. The 3mm lugs provide ample grip (though I’m not 100% sure its necessary), and we love that the Vibram construction is made 90% petrol-free.

Note: you won’t be able to win indoor hide and go seek on hardwood or a while until they get broken in. If you plan on wearing these to the store in the early goings, expect to be squeaky-McGee until they have more utilization.


This is a really solid footwear option for the non-running scenarios in your life which – obviously – vastly outnumber the running hours. With all the construction qualities of the Transport, it would be possible to use these in short jaunts for running, though obviously there are better options out there. In that sense, it may not be a true “travel running” shoe as a standalone. It will absolutely be utilized when I travel, but you may want to pack something more running focused if you plan on putting in more significant mileage.

The HOKA Transport ride is super nice and make casual activities much more comfortable and manageable than what you currently have in your closet. These are up to the task for whatever the world throws you in your day-to-day.

Hoka Transport $140


Weight: 11.2 oz – Men’s 9

Offset: 5mm


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Thank you to HOKA for providing us with sample pairs. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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