Miles and Miles in the Puma ForeverRUN NITRO

Next up in Puma’s shoe releases is the Puma ForeverRUN NITRO – a fantastic choice for runners looking for a comfortable and supportive shoe. Check out our thoughts!

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The first thing that stands out about this shoe is its sleek and modern design. It comes in three colors – with our reviewed pair in Ultra Orange being the most flamboyant – making it easy to find a pair that suits your personal style. The overall look of the shoe is both stylish and practical,

Fit & Construction:

In terms of construction, the Puma ForeverRUN NITRO (hard to get grammatically right) is made with high-quality materials that provide excellent support and durability. And support is by design, as this is their guidance shoe that is designed to cradle and stabilize with each step.

There is solid room in the forefoot (probably for all but our most wide-footed friends) and a little snugger fit through the mid. It fit really solid right out of the box and my feet have remained happy with each run.


The upper is made from a breathable mesh material that allows your feet to stay cool and dry, even during the most intense workouts. I am eager to see how this holds up to warmer days, but the breathability thus far has felt completely fine.

Puma’s PWRTAPE strategically crosses along the top and there is a pull tab on the back for easily getting on.

I found that there was a lot of padding in the heel – even if it didn’t match up with the top of the shoe (the padding sits slightly lower). Thus, I felt I was thinking about the cushion a lot more than I should have. A good cushion is something you appreciate…and promptly forget about. For the first few runs, I couldn’t stop thinking about the padding during the runs – just that if felt different. It wasn’t necessarily bad (though I did get some initial rubbing on the heel) and may have just been a personal preference.

Ultimately, the upper does its job. The slightly raised “giraffe pattern” (probably not the right descriptor, but that’s where my mind went) is a fun addition.


The NITRO midsole is the shining star of this shoe. In a world where carbon plating is becoming an everyday occurrence, the multiple densities of Puma’s foam provides a nice feel. This isn’t our first go at trying Puma’s NITRO (short for Nitrogen-injected) foam and it still remains a nice ride. Simply put, a softer core sits inside a slightly more rigid outer layer. It may be sorta similar to this. The result is a pleasant ride that can absolutely handle most any distance.

There is a small plastic component that flows around the heel to guide and support the foot. Throughout the first few weeks of runs, I really just love the pleasant ride. My feet just kind of sink into the midsole and get hugged tight. It is incredibly comfortable, absorbs shock, and providing a responsive bounce with each stride.


The grip of Puma outsoles have always been extremely solid and this is no different. It provides excellent traction, even on wet or slippery surfaces. Honestly, it’s actually one of the few outsoles I did a double take on – its pretty neat!

It’s not all about looks, as there is quite a bit of coverage – by design – to again keep the foot more stable.


The Puma ForeverRUN NITRO makes it a great choice for runners of all levels. It’s not the lightest shoe out there (though under 10 ounces is nothing to sneeze at) and it’s not an uber carbon-plated super shoe. But it just begs to be worn. Whether you are looking for some additional stability or something that feels great to run in AND at a pretty affordable price for running shoes nowadays  -The Puma ForeverRUN NITRO gets it done pretty dang well.

Puma ForeverRUN NITRO $150


  • Weight: Men’s 9.6 oz 
  • Stack: 26mm forefoot / 36mm heel 
  • Drop: 10mm
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