Here’s the Down Low on NEAR EARTH Running Socks

The thing about socks is, you don’t always notice them unless they are bad. “Bad” has many definitions when it comes to socks, as it could mean that they itch, that they don’t wick well, or maybe there’s an annoying seam on them that could potentially give you a blister.

You can really pay attention to socks when they suck, but not so much when they don’t. And that’s usually the mark of a good sock, because you’ve forgotten all about them and there are more important things to think about on a run.

I know a lot of people who balk at the price of legit running socks. They think, “They’re just socks, why should I spend so much?” Oh, so many reasons. Between the Run Oregon bloggers, I think I’ve had discussions about the merits of a good running sock on multiple occasions. It’s like the difference between good coffee and 3-hour old dregs from a gas station.

Near Earth Near Earth Distance Running Socks provide enough technology to keep your feet comfy – but are geared towards being something you appreciate after a run – not think about during one. Shoot, our expensive shoes are already providing us with up to a quarter-grands worth of tech – Near Earth says we will keep you comfortable in these shoes without getting in the way.

That means providing us runners with no distractions. They are constructed from light and durable LYCRA yarn to provide a soft, moisture-wicking fit. They are also “Dope Dyed” a cool process in which the yarn is dyed during its manufacturing – leading not only to color staying brighter longer, but also means less energy and water consumption in the process.

The socks are foot-side specific (you should read “Near” and Earth” – in that order – when looking down at your feet. The height is also dependent on the shoe size. For example a W7 will have ~6.5 inch cuff and a M13 will have around a 7.6 inch cuff.

NEAR EARTH Distance Running Socks come in white and black, and can be bundled in a 2xpack for a discount.

NEAR EARTH Running Socks $24


  • Made in Italy
  • LYCRA® fiber
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified
  • 97% Polyamide 3% Elasthane

Thank you to NEAR EARTH for providing us with sample pairs. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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