Bringing a little Funk to Headwear with Phunkshun

Matt in the Hat. That’s what people call me.

About 12 hours a day, I am donning a new ball cap of some sort. These are typically from a memorable sporting event I attended, a local brewery I checked out, or a Marvel character I hold near and dear to my heart. Outside of sleeping, pretty much the only other time I am not in a hat is when I am working out.

While I do have more than my share of running hats I have found myself going more to headbands over the past year or so. So connecting with Phunkshun has been great!

Phunkshun is a headwear brand that is rooted in items for skiing and snowboarding, but as the weather changes this year there will be even more headband options for all. That’s a full year’s worth of options to meet the needs of any PNW runner.

Warm Weather:

The 2023 Spring/Summer collection will feature headbands made with Sorbtek moisture management to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable. It seems they do, and will continue to have, pretty much any sort of design / style you would want. If you want something in a solid color, they have it. Looking for something more floral? Not a problem. Looking for something off-the-wall or just plain silly? They got you covered (we’re looking at you pepperoni pizza design).

The quality is also pretty solid as well. They are made from Sorbtek for advanced moisture wicking and recycled plastic bottles using Repreve.

There are also Ultralite Tubes (and Fleece Tubes) for those who are looking for a little more coverage.

Cold Weather:

Obviously, Phunkshun has a ton of options for cold weather running (or other activities as well). While they have Gazer Savers (i.e. goggle covers) for runner/snow bunnies, other items like their Chunky Fleece Tubes are great for strict runners who need a little warmth.

We have found some solid use in their Mistral Double Layer Tube when running this winter – though we probably wouldn’t have selected this style 🙂


Phunkshun provides a lot of fun and tech into a small package. If you are looking to accessorize for runs, and are in need of some headwear, don’t sleep on Phunkshun.



• UPF 50+ Sun Protection – blocks 98% of UVA & UVB Rays
• Fabric Content: 92% Recycled Polyester / 8% Spandex
• Manufactured in the USA with USA-Milled Fabric – 100% USA Made
• Size: OSFM because the fabric we use has incredible stretch!
• Measurement: 8.5″ wide, 3.75″ Tall in the front
• Securely Sewn in the back for a naturally tapered fit

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