Born from Running but Made for Everything – Reviewing the On Cloud X 3

While I have generally average feet that can handle most shoes with relative ease (a good problem to have here at Run Oregon), switching to new shoes always makes me a little bit nervous. I have recently ran in On shoes, but before that it had been over 8 years! The On Cloud X 3 is in for review and we have been testing them out for a few weeks.

For those that recall, we called the On Cloudmonster feels like the most well-constructed true “running” shoe in their arsenal. The recently reviewed Cloudrunner was also seen as a step in a better direction. So what about the Cloud X3?

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Dang this is a sleek looking shoe. It’s so crisp and clean while somehow being modern and classic at the same time. The stack is more standard looking (not like the Cloudmonster). As most anyone will tell you, On makes some of the best looking footwear out there. There are at least five different options available as well if you want a little more color.

Fit & Function:

I want to give On credit here. It very clearly states that the Cloud X 3 is NOT a standalone running shoe. From their website:

Born from our expertise in running, made for every squat, every lunge, every interval, every burpee, every… However you move, the improved fit, star lacing, 3-layer mesh, CloudTec and Speedboard all combine to support you. Feel the confidence – unleash your fitness.

I appreciate the honesty up front. This is not a “fitness shoe” being marketed as a running-specific only when it’s not actually that. No, this is a shoe that is designed for those of us who love to have footwear that can accommodate multiple different fitness arenas AND is marketed as such. Do you want to get a lift in at the gym/in the garage? These will hold up nicely. Headed out for a cardio session at the local high school? Count these in for the challenge. Want to run 5 miles or less – these will do quite nicely. They aren’t going to be a go-to as a true running-only option – but On never said that the Cloud X 3 was here for that.

So, in the last month, I have been utilizing the Cloud X 3 with that in mind. We have taken a few mini-trips and these have been a perfect crossover option that pair as amazing with jeans as with running shorts. Thus, I haven’t needed to pack an additional pair of running shoes. I have also used it as my go-to as I start to slowly get back into cardio and HIIT in the mornings. They provide a very nice cushion and support during most might-medium weight activities and training.


The Cloud X 3 upper is a re-engineered multi-layer mesh made from 90+% recycled content. We found it super breathable and offering a nice amount of support for light-medium intensity cross training. It seems to hold up quite well to lateral movement and it assists in making this shoe super light. I haven’t experience any heel irritation so the lockdown has done its job admirably. I think it hits the mark quite well.


As with many On shoes (outside of the constantly referenced Cloudmonster), you aren’t getting a super plush ride. The CloudTec and Speedboard are admirable, but don’t necessarily provide that feel of what makes a “true” running shoe nowadays. Again, this is a shoe that is designed with multiple activities in mind, and I think the midsole actually feels better with that in mind.


Since my first On review, they have seemingly upgraded their game on the grip. As these probably aren’t going to be a pair that you are going to take out on long, wet runs the outer may not need to be super tactile. That being said, there seems to be enough grip to hold up well to gym-based exercises and shorter runs as well. I had no issues with these during exercises in my garage – so it should do the job equally well in a gym, or other, settings.

For consideration:

The Cloud X 3 is also working towards enhanced sustainability. Over 35% of the shoes are made from recycled materials and 80% of the polyester is recycled.

While it may not be our first recommendation as a running-only option, if you are in the market for a cross-training pair of shoes that look amazing and perform admirably, we suggest giving the Cloud X 3 a whirl.


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Products & Price:
  • On Cloud X 3 | $150
    • Weight: 7.05 oz (M9);
    • Offset: 8mm
    • Colors:
      • Acai | Aloe (reviewed)
      • Frost | Surf

Thank you to On for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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