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One of my very first running shirts was one that declared “Running Sucks.” I loved wearing it, especially while out running, for all the smiles it brought out. Other runners would offer a knowing nod as they headed in the other direction. During the Portland Marathon this October, a fellow runner beside me (when we were near mile 18 and the temperature was in the 80s) declared: “This sucks.” Another runner responded that we were making it through. “Yeah, and it sucks.” Ah the life of a runner.

I am so grateful that thanks to RunnerMrch I get to expand my fun running clothes and bring more smiles to more faces (and have a shirt my grandmother doesn’t think is inappropriate). The creators behind this brand are all about the journey you are on. They have designs focused on everyone: 5K runners, marathoners, ultra-enthusiasts, trail runners, strength builders, and lots of folks in between. And their designs vary among t-shirt, tank top, and hoodies so I’ll be checking them out again when (if?) it gets cool this fall.

We know your pain and your happy place in the road, this is brand made for runners like you, let’s be in this journey together! Welcome to our site!

I got to try out three of their shirts and a pair of shorts as part of this review. The shirts are super soft, super simple (in a great way!), and super colorful even after a few washes. I love that each design is just a few colors that really pops. They are perfect for rest days, after a run, or when you want to go out in the world and still be a “runner.”

My favorite shirt declares “Mentally Running” circling around a sunshine. It was exactly what I needed during required rest days after the marathon. I wanted to get out on the streets but I’d promised my legs that it would just be walking for now. So I’m mentally running…and physically watching The Great British Bake Off.

The shorts are a great length for avoiding thigh chafe and have one of those essential pockets in the back. Again with a simple and striking blue color, I am all set to mix and match in the early hours without a lot of hard thinking.

RunnerMrch has lots of styles in their catalog, and more coming with the cooler seasons ahead. Check them out for soft style to wear on those rest days that we (yes we) all need.

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Products & Price:

  • Mentally Running! | $28.95
  • Runner Gold & Platinum | $24.95
  • Runner Trail hunter | $24.95
  • Women’s Running Shorts (5 inch inseam) | $32.00
    • Back pocket ideal for keys, snack or cell phone.

Thank you to RunnerMrch for providing us with test clothing. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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