From the Canyons to the Mountains and everywhere in between: The Chaco Canyonland is made for the PNW

I am not the State’s most skilled backpacker/hiker (we have other great bloggers in this realm), so when I hit the non-running trails, they generally fall into a shorter to medium distance. What that means is, though I have a pair of really great hiking shoes and boots, sometimes only having those at my disposal is a little bit overkill on shorter outings.

However, having a pair of the Chaco Canyonland – the company’s take on an “all-terrain” option – has had me feeling like this may just be made with people like me in mind.

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The Canyonland comes in three different colorways, and the Black version we received is definitely the most basic of the trio. It’s very straightforward and simple to look at, while the other two options provide a little more contrast in their stylings.

Sometimes simple is better and sometimes its not – that’s all up to the wearer. I definitely didn’t mind the looks of this pair. The black and white laces, as opposed to solid black, were really a good choice.

In a world full of beautiful looking shoes, this may not possess most people’s ideal qualities. But honestly, it’s really not all about the looks here – its about this function. That being said, I have worn these in casual settings out and about and actually really like having an all black option that doesn’t fully scream “dad shoe”.

Construction & Fit:

While the looks may be simple in nature, the shoes themselves are constructed with function in mind – specifically being ready for wet PNW weather. To be honest, while this is a solid shoe in all seasons, it is really made for the ability for someone to utilize between land and water.

  • Maybe that means walking and hiking on the coast and then walking along the waves on the Oregon Coast.
  • Maybe it means a nice hike along the Santiam or McKenzie Rivers and then transitioning into some creek walking.
  • Maybe you need something for a nice hike along the Long Beach, WA coast, but you know you are gonna need be met with some storms along the way.

Whatever you have planned that may include some water, these shoes seem up to the challenge. They are pretty comfortable (thank you LUVSEAT arch support) and have Vibram grip on the bottom to provide solid traction regardless of the terrain. Much of the upper is made from see-through mesh that allows for a more quick-drying and breathable experience. There are some overlays along the toes and heel to provide some structure as well

If you are worried about the insides holding up to the weather, the tongue and heel and padded with non-absorbent foam.

We weren’t really sure how these would fit and feel – considering that they have such a unique construction – but we have been pleasantly surprised so far. We have worn these as casual and light-hiking options, and continue to feel solid in these. We expect to put in a little more work in these as the summer ends and fall rains come, but for now we consider these a solid option.

Company: Chaco

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More About Chaco:

In 1989, a Colorado rafting guide had a vision: To create the ultimate footwear for outdoor adventures in and out of water. He gave it a symbol — the gecko — because of their ability to adapt and thrive in nearly any environment. Then he gave it a name, Chaco.

Thank you to Chaco for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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