Run Oregon is Kicking it in the Craft CTM Ultra 2

This shoe is incredibly lightweight, there’s no question about that. The women’s version is just shy of 7 ounces and the feeling underfoot is incredibly stark. My second impression of having them on my feet is how flexible the upper material is. It’s thin and minimal, which translates to light and breathable, but it’s super supportive for more technical terrain. This shoe is designed as a bit of a door-to-trail hybrid, described in some information videos as a “gravel bike of shoes”, but I would still reach for my sturdier trail shoes for anything rocky, muddy, or needing a bit more stability.IMG_7967

I was also nervous at the room in the toebox, as I typically prefer a wider / “natural” toebox, but with how much stretch and give there is, it works out just fine with a definite “glove-like” fit. I would, however, recommend checking the sizing chart and doing a foot measure to order accurately, as the EU and US sizing didn’t translate perfectly for me.

The heel, on first glance, looks really narrow and has zero cushion (but uses a suede-like material, so is soft and flexible), which has subjective pros and cons, but the most noticeable feature is bevel on the sole in the back. It’s particularly pronounced given the 40mm stack height at the back, but is designed for a rocker-like transition. IMG_8516

Despite the very high stack, the CTM Ultra 2 isn’t overly soft or squishy, nor is it rigid or unstable. The outsole is, again, hybrid leaning so the lugs will work for trail use without being over cumbersome on a road run. They aren’t going to be an amazing mud runner but the trade off for the hybrid would make these a good travel pair, as you’d only need to then bring the one.



Overall, these are a nice option for a newer style of a fast hybrid shoe. They are innovative, comfortable out of the box, and quick for some shakeout runs, speedwork on road or light trail, and will remain comfortable for mid-long miles.


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Products & Price:
  • Craft CTM Ultra 2$165
    • Weight: 9.35oz (M); 6.88oz (W)
    • Drop: 10mm
    • Colors:
      • Black/white
      • Crush/white (W)
      • N Lite/white (M)

Thank you to Craft for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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