Sandal x Slipper x Recovery footwear – DeckersXLab has us set this Summer

At first glance, the K-OZ EVRST from DeckersXLab seems a bit odd. Sure, they have a sandal aesthetic to it, but there are multiple layers, fabrics, and supports to them – giving them a very “extra” look to them. However, once I put them on any reservations I had faded away. Honestly, after reviewing a handful of DeckerXLab items over the year, there aren’t really any worries any longer.

The sandals come in 5 color options. Some are pretty basic in nature (black, grey, and brown), while a couple others offer a more unique style (green and blue/orange).

These sandals are perfect for those who like extra cushion and shock absorption, but want something to wear out and about in the warmer months. They are also excellent post-race recovery footwear as they are soft and comfortable. And I do mean comfortable. The footbed is so ridiculously plush, it should almost be criminal. The wool wraps completely around the foot and provides a level of snugness that is seriously too good to be true. I want to live in these sandals.

The KO-Z Ventura Wedge is a modernized take on the classic Wedge sandal. I don’t know about you, but wearing wedges is a necessary evil. They look great, but oftentimes the comfort isn’t up to the task. And there have even been times going from a running setting to a social setting (or vice versa) and my feet are in agony. Not so with this Deckers version.

I have worn these lightweight shoes around the house, while running errands, and out on date night. I was a little concerned they would rub my heel as the back strap looked high in the product pictures. However, however they fit well and have added support in this area – not to mention they made feel like I was walking on air. While it did take me some time to get used to the shape and design of them, I have found that they are excellent crossover lifestyle shoes that keep my feet supported and happy.

Aesthetically, they look modern and well designed, and they also come in four relatively neutral colorways. The hexagon details on the soles are especially sharp.

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Products & Price:

  • K-OZ EVRST ($102)
    • Mix of 80% natural wool, 20% recycled polyester
    • 25/17mm stack height; 8mm drop
    • 5mm looped wool top sole
    • 3mm sponge rubber outsole
  • KO-Z Ventura Wedge ($140)
    • Mix of 80% natural wool, 20% recycled polyester
    • 40mm stack height; 20mm drop
    • 5 mm looped wool lining above the foot and under the arch
    • 3mm sponge rubber outsole


Thank you to DeckersXLab for providing us with sample pairs. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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