Summer Sandal Support: Reviewing the Pacific Flip by Velous Footwear

I have never really had foot pain before in my “running life”. Perhaps it is due to the increased mileage, but I have noticed that the arch and balls of my feet have started to become increasingly more sore. This is not major or even concerning pain, just a tiredness and soreness that luckily does bother me at all when in my running shoes. Where I really notice it is when I am walking around in flat dress shoes and more so when I am barefoot.

I suppose it was fate that my new discomfort and Portland-based Velous Footwear coincided with each other at the same time.


At first glance, these are very stylish sandals. They don’t look the least bit funky or “orthotic” – they just look normal. That’s a definite plus when you just want something to slip on without thinking too much about it.

There are two colors – Black (reviewed) and Navy/Neon Yellow – the latter of which presents a little funkier vibe.


When we talk about running footwear, we often discuss cushion, support, and stability. It only makes sense that recovery footwear should be focused on the same sorts of areas. The Pacific Flip features a patent-pending Tri-Motion Technology. This tech focuses on heel strike, transition, and toe-off.

Heel Strike:

A soft foam cushion keeps the feet sheltered from the wear and tear of slamming into the ground all the time. The heel cup is deep and there is also some noticeable stability here that most sandals don’t come close to replicating.


The arch support is solid – an absolutely necessity for relief in my feet. Walking in these is an absolute joy – something that isn’t the case in most cheap-o sandals out there. This support features a “triple density Foamotion Formula” that, like all running shoes, helps create a smooth transition forward.


While the heel is padded nicely, the forefront is also supported nicely. There are grooves on the foot part of the sandals, as well as on the outsole, that allow for greater flexibility.

Fit and Feel:

All of that aside, even with the best technology in the world, if footwear isn’t comfortable than it doesn’t matter. The Pacific Flips are surprisingly lightweight and have an ideal fit. The padded top dries quick and provides as much comfort on the top of your foot as on the bottom.

In the summer, my guess is you will be wearing these in settings where water is present (looking at your ocean, pools, and splash pads) and these hold up well in those setting – no slippage here.


Overall, I love these sandals! I am a pretty positive guy in general and it typically takes a lot for me to not enjoy something. But, I LOVE THESE SANDALS (say it with a Tom Cruise voice for full effect). I literally crave coming home, peeling off my work shoes and slipping these on to go play with the kids in the backyard. I don’t know the full science behind arch support, but these sandals appear to have it down!

Also check out there other options – the Laguna Slide and Oceanside Flip.


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Thank you to Velous for providing us with test sandals. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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