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We have been reviewing and writing about Janji items for a few years now. We just love their unique take on the running world – that it’s a global connector and their items should express that. Their items are globally-inspired from the places all over the world and they feature a new locale each year. They use that location for inspiration, do a ton of research on the area and the running scene and team up with local artists from those countries to design their items.

Jani also partners with a local water NPO, test their items in the country, and finish all the final details up to launch. And then on the back end, 2% of their seasonal release collections profits are given to the support local water initiatives. I mean, how awesome is that?!

When you’ve run a lot of races, you start to realize that maybe you’re ready to find some running gear you love every time you put it on. Here at Run Oregon we really enjoy sharing these kinds of brands with our readers. We like supporting companies that make amazing products, and when these companies also support important causes, it’s even better.

Helio Tech Tee

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a joy to run in tee shirts again. This long, wet Spring has really put my long-sleeved and weatherproof items to the test. But I am guessing most of us are ready for the transition into shorter options. Janji’s Helio Tech Tee is ripe for the warm weather challenge.

The shirt itself has the qualities that us runners look to in shirts nowadays (moisture-wicking, soft seams, odor-resistant). The looks, outside of the raglan sleeve design is very simple visually with little more than some fun colorways and reflective qualities adorning it. Not only does it look classic, but fits amazingly well. It is super light and constructed from unique 3D knit that actually keeps it lifted off the body to prevent cling when those sunny runs drench us with sweat. The back even comes with a small loop – making it awesome for hiking trips when you may want to pack light in the apparel department and can hang this up to dry for use the next day.

All in all, I can’t wait to add this to my suitcase for a running trip to muggy Hawaii this summer. It will for sure hold up to the challenge.

Transit Short (7″)

Not everyone is a fan of linerless shorts, but I feel everyone needs at least a few pairs in the closet for diversity’s sake. Whether it is utilizing in a strength workout, or just for the sake of not always showing off the thighs every run. The Transit Short actually comes in multiple lengths, but regardless of the inseam this short has all the themes that make for a great pair of shorts – lightweight and breathable with a little durable water repellent (DWR) finish for drying quickly. There are also a ton of pockets – zipped pockets on either side with an extra one on the right one. The right pocket has a key loop bungee attached to hold a key.

Even though there is a lot of tech in these shorts, they (much like the shirt above) are designed simply enough and can double as a casual pair of shorts out and about. They don’t look like running or fitness shorts, but still hold up to the wear and tear of workouts. Chalk that up to their “Transit Tech” line – which is described as items that “breathe, dry quickly, and resist wind and rain for truly versatile, cross-functional gear”. Speaking of Transit Tech…

Transit Tech Pant

The Transit Tech Pants are a longer, and equally functional, bottom comparable to the Transit Shorts. Their composition is slightly differed (mostly utilizing Spandex in lieu of elastane. IA men’s medium weighs just over 7 ounces so its a super light option that can hold up to a lot. 

The fit was spot-on in the waist – not too tight and not too loose. I hardly needed to use the cord at all. The bottoms sit a little higher on the legs near the shoes – almost like joggers but without the tight elasticity at the end. There are pockets on either side and a secondary one on the right that sits more rear facing, making it an option for a phone. Personally, these pants are almost too light to successfully secure a large phone while running, so it isn’t a recommendation of ours. To be fair – I personally don’t prefer running with a phone in my pocket anyways.

It is wind and waterproof – making it a great option for cooler weather runs, hikes, or just wearing out and about. It is coated a DWR finish, which Janji recognizes as not environmentally ideal, and they are actively seeking other options to change this in the future. On my handful of runs in these, I have found them to be airy and breathable – definitely not overheating me but still being able to keep my legs warm enough. Honestly, I can’t get enough of these and find myself wanting to have a pair in each color to use in all of my life’s settings.

Clearly, we continue to love what Janji puts out. We think you will feel the same way.


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