April Showers bring May’s Saysky Flower Drop – and we’re on board for it

SAYSKY may not be a running company you have heard of before, but that is starting to change a little. This Denmark-based brand has been around since 2013 and tries to bridge the gap between performance and relaxation, opting to fill a gap for those who care about running, but are less interested in the rat race of fashion. Thus, they churn out items (that often sell out quickly) with items that are extremely functional and with their own distinct style (we have heard it called “urban-Scandinavian”), but not over the top and in your face “look at me!”.

We recently tried out some items from Saysky’s latest Spring Drop – Paradise Flowers!

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As runners who live in activewear 85% of the time, quality is important. We hear people complain a lot about the rising cost of workout gear, but in many respects, you really get what you pay for. If you are an active person, whether it be a runner, a weightlifter, or anything in between, you are used to a certain level of pain or discomfort in getting stronger. Your workout clothes should be the last thing on your mind while you’re trying to reach your fitness goals, and we all know that the wrong gear can make things so much worse. Because we’ve learned that lesson a time or two ourselves, we generally don’t compromise anymore on what we wear.

You might not consider yourself an athlete, but if you move and if you sweat, you are one. Athletes need SAYSKY. The quality of their products is very evident from the moment you pull a shirt or a jacket or anything else out of the shipping bag to the second that you peel it off after your workout. Does it hurt that their products are also stylish? Not at all.

Combat Singlet & Tee Shirt

saysky singletThe floral pattern is so incredibly fun! I was immediately reminded of Tom Selleck in Magnum PI when I saw the flowers and the birds nestled in the trees, (and does that AGE me, or what?) I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the sun coming back (it IS coming back again, right?) than to throw the singlet or the tee on before heading out the door. You WILL be seen in this, and likely complimented too, as it looks like nothing else in your wardrobe.

As with all of the Saysky’s products I’ve had the privilege to try, the singlet and tee shirt are well constructed. The material is a waffle fabric, which is meant to help your sweat disappear quickly and to reduce the possibility of  it clinging to you when you do get sweaty. Both the shirt and singlet are also lightweight, so you’ll stay cool while looking cool, (see what we did there?)

Pace Shorts

First of all, most all running shorts nowadays have much of the same necessary features – stretch, lightweight, and moisture-wicking. In fact, it can sometimes be hard to find a pair that doesn’t have that. So, how does one set itself apart from the myriad of other options out there? Perhaps with a little flair and a little function?

Both the women’s and men’s Saysky Pace Shorts have two inner gel pockets and the men’s has a zipped back pocket as well. There are numerous color stylings in the shorts, but we especially love how much this newest release pops. We can’t wait for some tropical runs to really show these off. But color is color and visuals are all just gravy. The real important part is the construction – and these shorts kill it.

As someone with bigger legs, I sometimes run into issues with excessive rising during my runs in shorter, brief-lined options. This ends up with many pairs exposing portions of the upper thighs and become especially prone to rubbing. Not ideal Somehow these shorts have completely avoided this. I seriously can’t put my finger on it, but they just stay put. In fact, these are the best short (well, short for me at least) shorts I have worn in recent memory.

Flowers Reverse Cap

Another throwback to the 80’s but SO much better! There are many things about this 5 panel hat that make it amazing but my two favorite things are that it’s reversible and that it’s “bendy.” You can go “business” with the cap turned to the plain maritime blue side, or you can make it “party” by turning it inside out to the floral pattern. And it molds so well to your head, whether you like a flat brim or something with a curve to it, that you can just tug on it a bit to make it adhere to your preference.

It’s not boxy in the front like trucker-style hats, so it’s really great for small heads, but it’s totally adjustable and comfortable enough for anyone, no matter how big your head is. It’s lightweight with moisture wicking fabric so you don’t even notice it on your head, but it also has built in UV protection, so there’s a win there. ‘It’s machine washable too, so throw it in with a load when you’re starting to stink it up.

Coming Soon: Performance Merino Running Socks!!

If this doesn’t say something about the quality of Saysky, I don’t know what else will. Saysky is working on bringing us their first-ever Merino Wool socks, and unfortunately the batch that were produced recently were not quite up to their high standards. They didn’t want to see them go to waste and just toss them somewhere, so they sent Run Oregon a pair so we’d have a chance to test them out for a few trips. I must say, I’m not yet sure what’s wrong with them, as they feel perfectly lovely on my feet. I’m excited to see the final version coming in the Fall. Merino really is the best material.. breathable and cool and it dries fast when you sweat. I can’t wait to see this collaboration with Saysky!!


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