First Impressions of the HOVR Machina 3 from Under Armour

Releasing today, the HOVR Machina 3 from Under Armour continues to push forward their trainer designed for speed and comfort.  We have been putting a few miles in over the past few weeks and here are our initial thoughts. 

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In our review of the Machina 2, we were a little ho-hum on the looks. A quote like this isn’t generally great:

As for the look – they are fine, but not the most sleek and fashionable on the surface. I’m usually one who is all about the ability to utilize running shoes in different settings (i.e. running and travel/casual), but the Black/Halo Grey/Red combo seemed a little “dad” shoe-y.

We understand that looks are subjective that if a pair shoe is comfortable and providing a smooth run, then looks aren’t all that necessary.

That being said, I am LOVING the updated visuals of the Machina 3. The review pair (and there will likely be additional options) comes with a creamy white hue to the majority of the shoe, coupled with black accents on the midsole and tongue, and some neon green and orange additions on the eyelets, logo, and outsole. It’s a really good looking shoe and I would call it a huge upgrade in this department.



The upper in the Machina 2 appears to be much of the same. I find it super comfortable and soft on the inside and the engineered spacer mesh upper looks and feels great. The heel is a little modified (more angled and less rounded, if that makes sense) and there is quite a bit of padding to achieve that added support.

It’s not the lightest upper in the world, but I have no real complaints about it. While it’s been a while since I tried the Machina 2, I think this updated version has a more secure fit as a result of some of these changes.


While this shoe seems to have many similar qualities as the Machina 2, the major change in the Machina 3 appears to be in the midsole.

The UA HOVR foam is still generally the same, they have claimed to make it softer in the heel and firmer in the forefront. I was generally OK in running short/medium distances in the Machina 2, and it definitely had a firmer feel to it and ended up being used sparingly over time.

Overall, I still found the Machina 3 to be pretty firm – moreso than I wanted or expected. I definitely think it’s slightly better than the older version, but still didn’t necessarily provide that springiness I was hoping for.


There is quite a bit of rubber coverage on the outsole and leads me to believe that this is going be very durable underneath. It’s a little “no-nonsense” on this front – which is totally fine – and my runs in wet weather (which there has been A LOT of this Spring) has showcased admirable grip.


I have minimal complaints about the overall fit of the shoes. I run in a Men’s 12 and it fit pretty true to size. The base was wide enough for my feet and I felt there was ample room to move my toes around freely. I had no issues with lockdown at all and there has been no rubbing on this front. I really wish the ride matched the fit!

Real Time Run Tracking:

Additionally, as with many new UA shoes, it provides real time running data and coaching. If you desire to set this up (and if you get a pair, there’s probably no reason why you shouldn’t) it will give you notifications letting you know how your cadence is changing over the course of your run. It will also provide other tips on improving your form so you stay in an the ideal range.

While I am not necessarily in need of professional feedback like this, it was very interesting, and positive, to feel like I could actually make changes mid run and know the exact moment to do so. It’s a pretty cool option that I could see definitely helping someone stay on track when pushing for a PR or a BQ.

I am not typically a MapMyRun user, but I have enjoyed it when trying these out. However, if you are a hardcore Strava or other running tracker app user you may be less interested in this feature. However, MMR is necessary for the feedback, so make the call accordingly.

For consideration:

The Machina 3’s are generally a little heavier than a typical racing shoe. While UA hopes to blur the lines between race day performance and everyday training, just be warned that both a men’s size 9 and women’s 7 are around that 10 oz. mark already (both about ~.6-.7 oz. on either side of that weight). While you could absolutely wear these on races (and get nice support in doing so), it may not be a PR-seeking option.


I am a big fan of Under Armour running shoes – specifically their Velociti line. If you are a big fan of the Machina line from Under Armour, I would say you will be very happy with these shoes.

The Machina 3 seems to have a relatively similar fit and feel (with slightly positive upgrades) as the previous versions – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Numerous shoe companies have revamped shoes in the same line from one year to the next – to really negative results among those who want to know that to expect. This latest version seems to stay true to the fit and feel of what makes a Machina a Machina.

Overall, these are fine for what they are and I think you could do a lot worse. The overall fit is nice and they are comfortable, but I anticipate them being more of a crossover option (i.e. shorter runs and casual settings) in the long run.

Under Armour 
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Products & Price:
  • UA HOVR Machina 3 | Releasing May 18, 2022 for ~$150
    • Under Armour Brand Houses, UA Shop App, and specialty retailers.
  • Weight (Men’s size 9): 10.6 oz | Women’s size 7: 9.3 oz
  • Stack: 28mm/20mm
  • Offset: 8mm
More about Under Armour Flow HOVR Machina 3:

Fully tested and validated by UA Athletes, the all new third iteration of the UA HOVR™ Machina running shoes, the HOVR Machina 3, represents the latest in UA’s run footwear development. By blurring the lines between race day performance and everyday high-mileage training, this shoe continues to meet the needs of the consumer by providing the latest in tech and innovation.

The UA HOVR Machina 3 features a firmer and more responsive forefront HOVR that ensures runners have that extra edge, and the plate’s upgraded composite, softer heel HOVR, and updated Energy Web and heel capture system make for a fast and comfortable run every single time.


Thank you to Under Armour for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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