Straight Out of the Box and Loving It – Reviewing the new Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind 2

Coming up this Spring, Under Armour is releasing an update to what I would call their premier performance running shoe – the Flow Velociti Wind 2 – following the 2021 launch of the first model. We have been putting a few miles in over the past few weeks and here are our initial thoughts. 


If we liked the visuals of the Flow Velociti Wind, we LOVE the look of the 2. It remains to be seen how their colorways will shape up over time, but the white/blue/yellow faded scheme is top notch (I had one child call it the “Earth shoe” while another called it the “Sprite shoe”. Their media assets also showcase a white/light blue/salmon that is equally as beautiful. They bring back the “Warp” upper, a super lightweight and breathable construction that actually is designed to adapt to a runner’s foot throughout the run – not remain stagnant and tight. The upper has this sort of cross-hatched design that really pops.

That design isn’t just for looks though, as UA describes it as such:

It features supporting tapes that act like seatbelts on the foot, placed precisely where our biomechanists found them to be most helpful for a runner. The tapes are in tension when you need them and relax when you don’t — eliminating any buckling and pinch points from traditional uppers built with continuous materials.

Brains and beauty – how about that!

Fit & Construction:

I will be honest, I think that both the UA Velociti Wind, and now the Velociti Wind 2, are my favorite light performance running shoes I have worn. Both shoes were surprisingly comfortable straight out of the box. Truly, I was able to put both on immediately after receiving and go for a run without much of any modifications. I put in 30 miles in the first week (and now well over 75 in just the past month+, and my feet remain both happy and comfortable.

There continue to be some similar construction between the two versions – like the upper and the fact that it is locked onto the same responsive midsole. It also continues to be devoid of a rubber outsole due to the UA Flow cushioning platform. We highlighted this in our previous review, but the outsole holds up really well in the traction department, thanks to it’s naturally sticky qualities, and I have never had issues with them taking corners in wet conditions (I’m a ~8 min/mile runner, for reference).

What is new however, is a new heel. The UA Flow Velociti Wind 2 highlights the Tatami Stitch Heel to provide consistent lockdown around the back, as well as a molded EVA sockliner. Both seem to do exactly what they claim as, again, minimal adjustments have been required from me and my feet are very happy.


I said it in my initial review and I will mention it again with the UA Flow Velociti Wind 2 – I LOVE THESE SHOES. UA claims that this line is designed to give “effortless speed” and I honestly tend to agree. I feel both light AND supported in these shoes and they have become my go-to when racing (and even when training as well).

Over 130 elite athletes ran more than 11k miles to test the initial Velociti Wind, but I – a very moderate and middle-of-the-road runner – also feel comfortable saying that this line continues to live up to the hype. And even with this upgrades in this latest version, the Flow Velociti Wind 2 continues with the same price point – $160 – a pretty inexpensive amount compared to the other “performance” options on the market.

Under Armour 
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Products & Price:
  • UA Flow Velociti Wind 2 | Releasing Spring 2022 for $160
    • The UA Flow Velociti Wind 2 will be available on, UA Brand Houses, Premium Run Specialty accounts and select Sporting Goods accounts
  • Weight (Men’s size 9): 8.3 oz | Women’s size 7: 8.02 oz
  • Heel: 26mm
  • Forefoot: 18mm
  • Offset: 8mm
More about Under Armour Flow Velociti Wind 2:

Technology moves fast and runners’ demands grow, and UA understands the importance of meeting the athlete where they need us. Expanding Under Armour’s Flow running shoe collection that debuted in early 2021 with the UA Flow Velociti Wind and its disruptive all-in-one cushioning system, the UA Flow Velociti Wind 2 is here to bring runners up to speed — literally.

The Flow Velociti Wind 2 features the same groundbreaking singular, ultra-responsive and long-lasting midsole compound as its predecessor. The UA Flow cushioning platform eliminates the need for rubber on the outsole, drastically reducing the weight and giving runners the feeling of light and effortless speed — the feeling of the wind at your back.


Thank you to Under Armour for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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