Saysky’s March Drop is Perfect for the Inner Duck Fan in All of Us

SAYSKY may not be a running company you have heard of before, but that is starting to change a little. This Denmark-based brand has been around since 2013 and tries to bridge the gap between performance and relaxation, opting to fill a gap for those who care about running, but are less interested in the rat race of fashion. Thus, they churn out items (that often sell out quickly) with items that are extremely functional and with their own distinct style (we have heard it called “urban-Scandinavian”), but not over the top and in your face “look at me!”.

We recently tried out some items from Saysky’s March Drop – the theme color being a color that half of Oregon will appreciate – a green colorway that looks like it was made with Eugene in mind. This set is a collab with Copenhagen-based streetwear brand Le Fix as the two founders have been friends with each other for two decades. “It’s all about urban community and togetherness”.

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Splinter Pace Jacket


Looks may or may not be the first thing that gets you to buy running gear, but this jacket just screams as a necessary item for Oregonians. Not only is the material comfortable and really a pleasure to wear in all situations (running or casually), if you happen to be a Duck Fan, then your wardrobe can’t NOT have this jacket in it.

There’s a subtle Le Fix x SAYSKY logo on the chest and arm, and a bright yellow (again – Duck colors) graffiti print on the back. And, whether it is the intention or not, their planned, minimalistic green discolorations on the jacket itself almost makes it feel like raindrops.

It’s extremely lightweight and breathable with little ventholes on the upper back, and elastic on the hem and hood to keep the wind from hammering you. The side pockets zip (a score for those of us who lose things,) there are two generous inside pockets, and there are some long cozy thumb holes on the sleeves which means gloves are optional. (Side note: We’re a big fan of thumb holes personally since my hands warm up first when we run and hate needing to find a place to stash gloves otherwise)

Splinter 2 In 1 Shorts


The SAYSKY 2 in 1 Shorts  are one of the most popular styles for women for a reason. For someone with larger thighs like me, the inner liner is a great option because you can have the best of both worlds. There are a million bike-style shorts out there for women, but I like having the option of a regular short with something inside to handle possible chafing while in movement. The inner shorts are decently long, which is great because I like to keep my legs as covered as I can while also staying cool. These shorts will be great for running as well as a workout at the gym.


These shorts are very soft and stretchy. There are two pockets on the inner shorts along each thigh, and though they aren’t large enough to hold a phone, (or at least not MY phone,) you could get some snacks or a car key in there pretty easily. In addition to those pockets, there are two smaller pockets inside the shorts on the upper back area. Those would be great for a key fob or something fairly tiny.

The outer color of the “Botanical Garden” green is beautiful in real life and the black inner shorts are a great complimentary color. There is a small SAYSKY label on the front left hand side of the shorts and a black logo on the back. There’s also a drawstring on the interior so you can adjust them to your liking. I go them in a medium and would say I could have definitely sized up to account for my hips and thighs. They are a regular fit that narrows to reduce weaving.

Melange Classic Pace Tee


Nikki’s Thoughts: This short sleve running T-shirt is the absolute perfect thing for a late spring or early fall day. I mostly wear only tank tops in the summer but there are other times of the year where I need a bit more coverage for my shoulders, and this shirt is, for sure, the one I will grab for.

First off, this shirt is so incredibly smooth and soft. As with all of the other SAYSKY stuff I’ve reviewed, you can tell the quality of these products immediately. Some “techy” fabric shirts feel cheap, but not this one. It’s comfy and soft, yet sturdy and smooth. It has a brushed interior and the stretchable fabric is really ideal for all body types. The fit is slim, but I got it in my true to size medium and it’s was great. It tapers in a bit at the waist but the cut flatters the hips. As you’d want in a runner shirt, it wicks well, just as you’d want in a runner shirt, it wicks well.


This shirt has a cute SAYSKY logo across the chest in black, and some woven labels on the back and sleeves. The forest green color, (the same gorgeous deep “botanical green” shade of the 2 in 1 Shorts,) can’t even really be justified in pictures.

LE FIX x SAYSKY Reverse Cap

When I go running, I almost always wear some sort of hat for a variety of reasons: It keeps my hair under control, it keeps the sun or rain out of my eyes, and it keeps my head protected from sunburns or cold (depending on the season). Additionally, as someone who wears baseball hats all the time I am NOT running, I know a good lid when I see one. And Saysky’s hat options are awesome.

First, I love that it is reversible – essentially two styles in one with one in black and one in green. I found the adjustable strap a little challenging to get right, but once I was locked in the rest was smooth sailing and pleasant headwear.


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