Brooks Fusion Hybrid Jacket – Combining all the Good Things

Today we are taking a look at the new Fusion Hybrid Jacket by Brooks Running. Brooks touts the jacket as being both wind and water resistant, while also being breathable and packable. From their site, they specifically note that it is recommended for light rain and windy runs, and cold weather. Sounds perfect for the Pacific Northwest!

For the purpose of this review, I am testing a size small (I’m 5’-9”) in the Dark Oyster color (I love this color). I often waffle between small and medium sizing and in this case, the small is perfect.

Brooks Fusion Jacket

As you can see from the pictures, the fit is really solid in the length, which is nice for a running jacket. I’m not a fan of a running jacket that hangs too far down my hips, otherwise it’s klunky. The other immediate thing you will notice is the weight, which might be more than you are expecting, if you are thinking along the lines of it being more of a rain jacket that is packable. However, it’s not bulky, and instead is very comfortable.

Brooks Fusion Jacket

As you zip it up you are sure to notice the two snaps that are sewn into the main zipper line. And while there is no mention of this feature on their site, this is an especially nice little addition by Brooks. If you’ve ever partially zipped your jacket down while running, in an effort to allow for some ventilation (cool down), you know that the jacket will often want to work its way off your shoulders and down onto your arms. With the built in snaps, you can zip the jacket all the way down, allow for ventilation, and keep the coat securely on while running. This might sound small, but it was well appreciated by this runner.

Brooks Fusion Jacket

There are elastic bands inside each cuff, which I assume is meant to grab the thumb, as a way to keep the sleeves down in windy conditions. I wore gloves for 3 of my 4 test runs and the band helps keep the sleeve in place, while also minimizing cooler air from getting up the sleeve.

Brooks Fusion Jacket

There is a small chest pocket for storage, which is nice. It’s not too big, so anything you put in it will not bounce around. There are also traditional hand pockets on each side with zippers. If there is one downside to this jacket, it is the size of the holes for these 2 pockets, which is on the small side. I’m not a big guy and my hands do not fit easily in the pockets.

Brooks Fusion Jacket

As for the feel of the jacket while on the run, it moves really well, which for me means that it hugs my body, doesn’t bounce around, and generally stays put. I have worn it in light rain, windy conditions, and temps below 25F. All of which have seen admirable performance from this coat. In the beginning I suggested it was a little on the weightier side, but once you are out running, that all goes away, as the jacket breathes well and is never bulky.

Brooks Fusion Jacket

Overall, this is a really great jacket that wears and performs very well. It is comfortable while also being a good looking top layer. It is also not picky about road versus trail, and performs great in both places. Brooks continues to produce high quality products, and this is no exception.

Brooks Running 

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Thank you to Brooks for providing us with a sample item. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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