Nox, Nox. Who’s There? Amazing Visibility and Sound from Noxgear

The name “Noxgear” comes from the Latin word for night, which is “nox.” I bought the Tracer360 reflective vest from Noxgear a few years ago for all my early morning runs and I’ve always felt that they made the best vest on the market for running in the dark with one notable flaw. Despite being super lightweight, bright, and “barely-there perfection” for this no-frills runner, it was not rechargeable. If I couldn’t find batteries on hand or if I was too busy or too distracted to pay attention to the warning signals that it was time to replace them, I might find myself halfway through a run and in the dark. This is not a place you want to be when you are surrounded by cars driven by dreary-eyed drivers.

And then, Noxgear listened to the prayers of many runners. They created the Tracer2 – a rechargeable vest. The most requested feature is finally available, with the quicker (and greener) option of a USB-C charger and a smart LED charge-indicator. Literally every problem I ever had with my vest has now been solved, and I am IN LOVE!!

There are other options out there for reflective vests and for vests with lights on them. But this truly is the best of all of them. The multi-color LED fiber optics are powerfully bright, and there are 8 single and new dual-blend color modes to choose from. In addition to the lights, the ultra-reflective 3M patterns and fluorescent adjustable chest strap will add to the safety factor, especially in the glare of any headlights you encounter.

There is a Fit Clip system on the new Tracer2 which helps the fiber optics stay bounce-free and out of your way for your entire run – and the entirety of it feels completely weightless. Even better, the vest has an IP67 Rating, which means it’s waterproof enough to protect you from downpours outside, splashes from oncoming cars, or even accidental submersion.

The battery on this new Tracer2 lasts up to 20 hours and the patented technology ensures that the lights stay ultra-bright even on a low battery. The whole system weighs in at only 7 oz. and the chest belt is so elastic and adjustable that it will fit easily over any jacket. The Tracer2 is my new best friend.

Noxgear has also recently released a new way to listen to your music called the 39g Wearable Bluetooth Speaker. The website calls it “the world’s lightest, loudest, longest-lasting wearable Bluetooth speaker,” and I was sure happy to try this out on a dreary cold morning right after Christmas when I was feeling tired and unmotivated. I typically don’t run with music, especially with a speaker that everyone else can hear on my journey, but sometimes I really do need to add a little bounce to my step. I encountered very few people on my first 10 mile jaunt with it attached to my jacket collar, but it was so close to my ear that it didn’t need to be very loud at all.

There are several reasons why I ended up really loving the 39g. The first reason is that it’s truly the most lightweight piece of equipment I own for running. You really forget it’s there. Not only that, but it’s very easy to clip anywhere you need it. There’s a secure sport clip as one option, which makes it easy to place it directly on a collar, a backpack, or an armband or hydration belt. In addition to this, there’s a magnet clip option as well, which allows you to place it through shirts or jackets. You can even use the magnetic clip built into the device to keep it on any magnetic surface around the house.

The sound quality is excellent, even without turning it up all the way. The volume button is located in a very convenient easy-to-reach and toggle spot on the front. In fact, the entire set up couldn’t be easier. It took all of 5 minutes to pair with my phone and there aren’t a lot of areas you’d get confused when you’re running with it.

The battery on this device, also rechargeable (yay!!) is 12+ hours which is more than enough even for my slower ultra marathons.

Additionally, if you’re not sure how you feel about running around town with a speaker strapped to you, there is a headphone jack option. You can listen to your Backstreet Boys without any raised eyebrows if you so choose. You can also use the headphone jack to connect with wired home speakers via Bluetooth to your phone. I personally like having all the options, though the headphone-free option is certainly the safest one for being outside.

Noxgear has certainly hit it out of the park again. Whoever designs these products clearly has the mind of a runner. These products make me excited to get out there through this winter and beyond.


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Like most people with demanding schedules, we found ourselves getting our runs, rides, and sports activities in at night and early in the morning. The limited visibility at these times led us to start researching the visual science behind being seen in the dark; which uncovered a pretty shocking truth: most of today’s safety and visibility gear is inadequate and outdated.

Empowered by our research, we worked tirelessly to apply this knowledge and fill the gap in the market with highly engineered gear that would be more effective at keeping people visible and safe in times of lower visibility. After months of planning and with prototypes in hand, we started our journey towards building a company that would live up to our high standards for quality and real science-backed safety


Thank you to Noxgear for providing us with sample items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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