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Runners work hard. More importantly, we OVERwork hard, and the same muscles over and over again. We get sore a lot, and there are a million stretching and massaging devices out there. Many of them are pretty expensive and not all of them are all that effective. The RolflexPRO is a great massage tool that can really get in there where you need it for all sorts of issues. You can use this tool for some deep tissue muscle or myofascial trigger point release, Tendonitis and Tennis Elbow relief, and even Carpal Tunnel. I’ve seen some massage tools in the triple digit price range, but the RolflexPRO is only $70, about the cost of one massage before tip.

The RolflexPRO is a pressure based self-massage tool and “recovery foam-rolling solution” that addresses all my aches and pains in a portable, lightweight, and even ergonomic set up. Most foam rollers rely on gravity to get to sore muscles, but the RolflexPRO utilizes leverage to alleviate tension instead, which makes massaging muscles more effective and easier. The tool clamps down around the affected area and you get to choose how much pressure to apply. You also get the benefit of not one but two rollers on each side of the device.

The Chief Clinical Officer of RolflexPRO, Nic Bartolotta, trains pro-athletes and uses this very tool on the Lakers, Mavericks, and many other athletes. What’s awesome is this low-tech tool can be used for anybody for anything.

Some key construction properties that make this thing provide foam rolling relief for over 95% of your body:

  • Roller Arm: This removable arm holds the foam roller and delivers leveraged compression. The release feature allows the foam roller to open pretty seamlessly.
  • Yellow Foam Roller: This is the roller than comes with the standard setup, and it’s 30% firmer than the green roller that came with the previous version. Read more about the foam roller options a couple of paragraphs down.
  • Stabilization Arm: This supports the Dual Stability Rollers.
  • Dual Stability Rollers (DSR): The patent pending design will evenly distribute pressure and provide stability for deep massage or trigger point techniques.
  • Ergonomic Handles: These will fit easily in your hands, no matter how big or small they are, so you can comfortably roll the device in any direction.
  • Adjustment Channel: Resize the device here to make it the perfect fit for your body parts.
  • Non-Skid Base: This rubber base will stay put on your leg, table, or any other surface you need so you can have optimal leverage while performing the massage. It can also serve as an ergonomic grip for your other hand while massaging your legs.

This tool can get to some hard-to-reach areas, which is beneficial to someone like me who often feels stiff before a 5:30AM run while everyone else is still in bed and therefore unwilling to give me a massage (the nerve!!!) Even better, it’s easy to toss into a bag to take with you somewhere, like an out-of-town race or a relay. Can you imagine having a massage tool to address all of your muscle aches pretty much on demand?

The original tool comes with a 4” yellow roller, which is considered “firm” and is rated a C60 on the Asker Scale. (If you don’t know what this is, it refers to the Rockwell Scale, which measures hardness with a number.) This roller dives into the muscle but gives just a little when the clamp is applied. This roller is amazing for the upper legs and calves as well as the upper arms and forearms. You can also buy the orange roller, deemed “hard” and a C75 on the Asker Scale, and this roller is described as similar in feel to most championship lacrosse balls. The protruding center roller mimics a massage therapist’s thumb when rolling over the muscles. There is also a green roller, a C45 on the Asker Scale, and a “medium” firmness that was an original favorite among those who wanted a well-rounded tool to aid performance as well as recovery. All of these are interchangeable foam rollers, made with non-toxic EVA materials free of latex and with a full 2 year warranty.

Whether or not you choose to purchase the package with the extra rollers included, the original RolflexPRO will come with a handle extension as well as a multi-strap, which will aid getting to all the spots on your body, even if you’re a bit bulkier or taller. Along with the massage tool, you’ll get some instructional material (with pictures) in the box that shows you how to use and set up your RolflexPRO tool, both with the handle extension and the multi-strap. You’ll also get plenty of info on all the focal points on the areas you are relieving with each move. In addition to that, there are some Youtube videos you can watch online Rolflex Pro – YouTube  to get a “live” view of this thing in action.


Products & Price:

Specs (from website)

  • Never get on the ground again to foam roll your legs, calves, hips or feet.
  • Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Carpel Tunnel? We got you covered.
  • Trusted by athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB and many more.
  • The Rolflex Pro’s clam-shaped roller arms provide significant leverage, allowing users to clamp down and adjust the pressure to their liking or tolerance level. This is directly in contrast to foam rollers or lacrosse balls which are completely dependent on gravity.
  • The Rolflex Pro’s ergonomic design enables the user to effectively self-massage over nearly every muscle of the body, including hard-to-reach areas such as elbows and knees.
  • The compact design of the Rolflex Pro makes it convenient to take and use anywhere—at work, the gym, home, and even while traveling.
  • With the Rolflex Pro, anyone can do customized myofascial release therapy which is easy to learn, self-administer and can be implemented within minutes watching the online videos. Rolflex Pro – YouTube

More about RolflexPRO:

Performance. Relief. Recovery. Elevate your self-care with The Rolflex Pro!

The Foam Roller Re-imagined! The best myofascial and trigger point therapy device on the market.

The Rolflex is a complete body solution that helps consumers reduce latent muscle tension and alleviate pain like never before through precise Trigger Point pressure & leverage.


Thank you to RolFlexPRO for providing us with a sample. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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