We take a first look at the stunning Puma Magnify Nitro


Run Oregon receives and tests running shoes from time to time. This initial post about the Magnify NITRO from Puma.

We reviewed our first Puma running shoe early this year – a shoe that was mostly enjoyed, but had some other challenges for our tester – as well as the new Puma Deviate Nitro. The new Magnify Nitro is our third venture, and the second of five models that Puma has released this year in their new Puma Running Nitro collection. Each model is slightly different and the Magnify, outside of its beautiful visual, is their most cushioned offering with a focus on medium-long training runs (my favorite kind incidentally).

The visual pattern actually reminds me of the UnderArmour Flow Velociti – a shoe I have really enjoyed and has gotten a ton of miles.


It is stacked high (38mm/29mm) and weighs in with over 10.4oz (in a M9). The upper, which I am obsessed with colorwise, is a single mesh with an opening for the surprisingly padded tongue. There’s not a ton of stretch in the upper (by design, I believe), so what you see/feel is what you get. That also means that it provides a snug fit. This is quite nice, as coupled with a pretty strong heel counter, my runs have felt secure. One main negative our reviewer had in the Puma Deviate was heel slippage and feeling like the fit was a little more varied as a result. I had no issues in this realm with the Magnify.

Once again, the midsole is obviously made from Puma’s nitrogen-infused Nitro Foam (hence the collection name) and an additional foam layer as well to provide some firmness around the springier NF. I found this combo to be a nice amount of cush without feeling like I was super springy or like running on clouds.


The outsole is solid again (perhaps one of the shining qualities in all the Puma shoes) with their super grippy Pumagrip rubber compound. I don’t have much bad to say about this shoe in the first 100 miles or so of running. It is holding up amazingly well with little wear and I anticipate it lasting for a long time. Though the upper is a favorite of mine, it’s a little on the thicker side, so I’d maybe mention that as a negative – but that’s pushing it as far as drawbacks go.

This is a really solid pair of running shoes – made even better with a nice price point. There’s a lot of tech in this shoe for that amount. Can’t wait to put in even more miles and report back!


Products & Price:

Specs (from website):

  • Stack Height: 38 mm / 29 mm
  • Drop: 9 mm
  • Low boot
  • New running last developed on industry-best fit metrics and testing
  • Upper with breathable engineered mesh with CoolAdapt technology
  • Advanced NITRO FOAM technology for superior responsiveness and cushioning
  • INNOPLATE acts as a lever for maximum energy transfer at toe-off
  • Durable PUMAGRIP rubber compound for all-surface traction
  • Reflective branding
  • Additional visibility and stability thanks to heel TPU piece
  • Spectra graphic on upper

More about Puma Magnify Nitro:

We’re making running faster a lot easier. These shoes boast NITRO FOAM, an advanced technology that provides superior responsiveness and cushioning. There’s also something called an INNOPLATE, which acts as a lever to provide maximum energy at toe-off. And then there’s durable PUMAGRIP rubber on the outside that provides great traction on any surface. When you’re ready for your next run, make sure these are the shoes you choose.

Thank you to Puma for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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