What Run Oregon is Wearing: Brooks Ghost 14 GTX


Anna: The Brooks Ghost 14’s are the perfect shoe for running, walking, running errands, or accidently leaving them on at home because you forgot to take them off. These neutral running shoes offer softer cushioning, smooth transitions, and improved fit and were roomy enough that my feet did not feet crowded. My crooked big toe did not poke the top of the shoe as often happens. There are a few types of the Ghost 14 and I appreciated the addition of the waterproof qualities that come with that “GTX” acronym addition. That will absolutely come in handy during those rainy Portland winters.

I wore these shoes in a variety of environments from run on road, sidewalks, gravel trails, and the hard concrete floors of grocery stores and my feet were never hot or sore. They are light and comfortable which is not always easy to find with cushioned running shoes and laced up nicely and molded comfortably to my feet. I highly recommend the Brooks Ghost 14 GTX for those like me who tend to run a bit heavier than most and need the cushion. The Brooks Ghost 14 GTX are available now so get them for your next race.

Meg: My first impression of the Ghost 14 was that I was now ready for the laser tag game. The black fabric with magenta and teal highlights is stylish – unlike so many running shoes. And while I know that you shouldn’t choose shoes based on how they look (seriously, don’t do it), I do appreciate when I can look at my own shoes without needing sunglasses.

After a week of running in the shoes, I appreciated not only how stylish they are, but also how well they supported my feet. My first running shoes were Brooks and I would say about half of my pairs have been from this brand ever since. They are consistently well made and always make me feel safe over the eclectic street quality of SE Portland (aka construction dodging all summer long). I am grateful to have this pair of Brooks for my fall race season. There are many miles ahead for us, and we’ll be styling the whole way



  • Cost: $130
  • Weight: 9oz
  • Drop: 12mm
  • Experience: Cushion
  • Surface: Road
  • Support: Neutral


Thank you to Brooks for providing us with test shoes. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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