Where does Oregon rank in Olympics medals?

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are closing today, and the medal counts are in.

We recently connected with Been Verified to get a list of how Oregonians have done in the Summer Olympic Games in terms of medals – and it’s pretty good! If you click on the states, you can see the names of all athletes from that state, dates and events competed in, and medals won.

  • By population, Oregon is the 8th highest ranking state (medals per 100k residents).
  • Athletes born in Oregon have snagged 54 medals before the Tokyo Olympics, including 25 gold, 17 silver and 12 bronze.
  • A highlight for Oregon has been in the running sphere as, out of those 54 medals, 39 were produced in track & field events!
You can see Oregon’s breakdown of medals on the Oregon-only data set here.
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