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At the current moment in my life I am not drinking a lot of milk by the glass, nor eating much cereal. My milk-intake is generally in the form of smoothie concoctions each morning. A few years ago, I sort of lost my affinity for cow-based milk. No, though there are environmental benefits, this decision was not for that reason, nor because I experienced any lactose-averse effects. Honestly, I couldn’t even tell you why, but I just found myself gravitating to more plant-based milk options. Within the past year, I have found that oat milk seems to be a sweet spot, and so checking out Oatsome Organic Oat Milk has really been a treat.

First note: I am not personally opposed to really any sort of milk – and I am not a judgy person. Drink cow, almond, soy – whatever. We tried the “Barista” version – and it’s an appropriate name. I used this in my morning coffee and utilizing a frother created a really nice, made at home, latte. It also does really well as the base for a fruit smoothie. It definitely takes on a creamier feel than other milk products.

In addition to the Barista and Original versions, Oatsome also has other options like chocolate, and coffee creamers. They have a ton of great recipes on their site for inspiration.


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