Kickstarter of the Week: Running shoes from RELANCE (Campaign goes live 8.8.21)

Product: RL-01 Running Shoes from RELANCE
Location: Paris, France
End Date: August 8, 2021
Pledge for: TBD

We have been in communication with new French shoemaker RELANCE for a few months now as the set out to launch their new running shoe – the RL-01. Their Kickstarter is launching Sunday, August 8th and, though we haven’t yet had the ability to review these yet, we thought we would highlight them. Though there will be a bunch more information coming up, here is a little bit about the company and their goal with the shoes.


Today we present you RELANCE, a young French company that manufactures running/fitness shoes and wants to establish itself as a reference brand in the casual sportswear market.

Violaine Grégoire, a young 27 year old designer, is betting on launching her own running brand: RELANCE. Particularity, these shoes are designed and manufactured in France.

“We want to take the opposite side of the current model by locating our production in France. All brands of running shoes have their models manufactured in large factories in southern China and northern Vietnam. A pair leaving the factory costs between 5$ and 15$ to find itself in store at prices between 120$ and 170$, or even much more…”.


We decided to go with a thick midsole design, but unlike most running shoes, we decided to go thick also at the front of the shoe for better cushioning at the expense of drop. This does not prevent the shoe from being reactive, on the contrary. The first Relance is a universal stride shoe for everyday runners. This product has a good grip both on the road and on the trails and adapts to all types of uses and all levels of practice. The shoe that combines lightness and high performance cushioning.

You can find out more about RELANCE via their websiteFacebook, or Instagram.

Again, we hope to get to a full review in the near future, so stay tuned!

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