Ta-Da! It’s the new BA DA DA flip flops from Deckers Lab


Have you heard of Deckers before? Maybe if you read some of our recent reviews, but its likely they may be new to you. But even so, you may recognize some of the names behind their creation:

“Jean-Luc Diard, Global VP of Innovation for Deckers, and his team are responsible for the creation of DeckersXLab. Jean-Luc has a lifetime of experience in the sport industry. For many years, he was the CEO of Salomon, a leading athletic equipment company, where he devised the brand’s design center and redefined its core identity. Shortly after, he founded a start-up called HOKA ONE ONE. It began with his desire as a runner to have better cushioning and stability through an oversized outsole. The company is now owned by Deckers Brands. Through his passion for outdoor sports, drive for innovation, and endless need for improvement, Jean-Luc started DeckersXLab on a path to change the footwear industry.”

So even you may not be completely familiar with Deckers, their background in running tech and planning. So, what is this Deckers Lab?

“Creativity is the act of combining two things that nobody put together before. Craft perfects the seams in-between.  Done right, the combinational result is not addition. THIS+THAT = THISTHAT. THIS+THAT = SOMETHING TOTALLY NEW. New is why Deckers Lab exists. New must have its own place to fail until it succeeds. And to succeed, new must clear a new bar. New must be:



When I found out that Deckers was releasing their take on the flip flop (or “The future of flip-flop, minus the flop”) I was ready to jump on board. While the aesthetics of many of their footwear options can be a challenge to come around to some (not me!), I have always found that they make my feet feel great. From shoes, to sandals, to slippers, my feet thank me constantly for Deckers. In fact, the BA DA DA are probably the most “normal” looking footwear they have in their catalog. There area also a variety of different color options available for your enjoyment.

Comfort & Construction:

The BA DA DA are more than just a $5 pair of flip flops. Those, by the way, I recommend for literally NO ONE, at least no runner. I can’t even begin to explain how cheap flip-flops have stunted my running prowess in the pack. Never again!

No, the BA DA DA’s are really engineered for supportive, and comfortable walking – and provide a great post-race option. The construction mimics a lot that you can enjoy about running shoes in fact as it “features a recycled EVA KO-Z gradient layer foam cushion system in our signature Meta-Rocker and squaretail rear geometry for a smooth rolling sensation in every step. The toe post on this three-point sandal is ultra-soft memory foam giving a custom feeling fit that is oh so gentle between the toes with asymmetrical hemp straps to secure your foot comfortably.”



I have been wearing these pretty much constantly since receiving them. They are a great summer option and my feet, once again, are thanking me. I may recommend going a size lower than what you wear. I am generally a size 12 mens, and there is PLENTY of space on the toes and the heel – so an 11 seems like it could probably do the trick. Up to you though – I am still happy with my size. They also aren’t too terribly expensive ($40-45) considering how nice they are and how they seem to be constructed well enough to tackle many summers to come.

These definitely aren’t a flop.

*ba dum ching*


Shoe & Price:

  • KO-Z BA DA DA ($40-$45)
    • Black (review)
    • Brown
    • Fiery Red
    • Blue
    • Beige
    • Mint Green
    • Dark Grey


  • Underfoot Geometry: 130-90-103, 5mm drop, 20-25mm stack height
  • Anatomic medium width performance running last
  • Asymmetrical natural hemp straps for secure foothold
  • Ergonomic, recycled gradient density EVA Midsole with gentle arch support
  • Brushed recycled EVA topsole for a soft-touch grip underfoot
  • Ultralight and ultra-wide 3mm sponge rubber outsole with Meta-Rocker geometry and squaretail rear

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