Kegs & Legs Beer of the Week: Lightpoint from New Holland Brewing Company

Summer time is the time of year where a good beer goes down pretty easily. But you gotta be careful with that, as more opportunities means more bloat the day after, especially for those of us that aren’t getting any younger. I’m always looking for a nice light beer that refreshes me on a hot day but that I won’t pay for later, and many of the lighter calorie beers don’t taste all that great.

Oregon may feel like the beer capital of the US to many Portlandians, but I’ve recently felt like I’ve tried everything the Pacific NW has to offer. Lightpoint beer is great offering from New Holland Brewing Company, which is located in Holland, Michigan and has been around since 1997. It’s considered a “functional white ale” that is only 3.7% ABV’s and it’s deliciously crisp and light. My husband, the “beer snob” of my home, took a sip of the Lightpoint and called it “highly crushable.” In other words, very drinkable.

Lightpoint is available from New Holland Brewing year round and it’s brewed with coconut water, orange peel, and raw honey. Does that not sound amazing, and maybe almost even.. justifiably healthy? I thought so too. It is only 86 calories and it goes down reeeaaalllly easy. I enjoyed my first can on a camping trip and it was just what I needed when I sat down at the lake to relax. This time of year, I don’t want a beer that makes me feel heavy and full. Most “light” beers leave much to be desired, but this craft beer is very flavorful.

New Holland is one of the leading innovators in craft brewing and distilling and their beers are sold around the country as well as in their two full-service restaurants, a couple of stores, a spirits tasting room, and an online store. Some of their other beers include a Dragon’s Milk bourbon barrel-aged stout, the Golden Sails lager, the Watermelon Spritz (ale with watermelon and seltzer,) some delicious looking IPAs and sour beers, a brown ale, a pumpkin ale, a holiday ale, some oatmeal stouts labeled The Poet that have a peanut butter version as well as a maple syrup/cinnamon/vanilla option. Um.. Yum!

I would love to try out some of the other options that New Holland has based on the fact that they can pack a decent beer into a 86 calorie package.



  • 3.7% ABV
  • 86 Calories
  • 2.3 Carbs


New Holland Brewing Company – Find them on Facebook here

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