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It was the Before Times and I was sitting in a fancy meeting room with a client – I was in a pink and white summer dress and I had contrasting black tape all across my shoulder, up my neck, and across my collar bone. My client, making small talk, asks if it’s fashion, as he’s seen people taped up a lot recently. “Oh, no.” I replied. “I just hurt my shoulder and the tape helps to keep things supported and in place so I can recover.” That was the short answer and he accepted it. But KT Tape is useful in a lot of other ways besides just correcting my posture while I’m hurting.

Kinesiology tape is a product, whereas KT Tape ® is a brand that makes that product. The tape itself is a flexible material, designed to allow for flexibility and full range of motion. It’s incredibly common to see athletes taped up during their events as a result!

KT Tape ® has an incredible line-up of products that are more than just a roll of athletic tape. Although the tape is made from synthetic materials, they are all hypoallergenic, latex-free, and rubber-free. The tape is acrylic-based and has medical grade adhesive, so it’ll stay on for a few days through activity, showers, swimming, sleeping, etc. The fibers of the tape are also quick-drying and anti-microbial and even reflective!

Each pre-cute strip of tape is 10 inches long and each roll has 20 strips. They already have rounded edges to help with snagging and the Pro version comes in 10 colors! A roll will run you about $20.

There’s a why and a how to properly using athletic tape so do some reading, watch some YouTube videos for proper application, and/or talk to your doctor or physical therapist.

KT Tape ® as a brand has other great products as well. After a particularly grueling leg in a summer relay two years ago, I borrowed my fellow teammate’s handheld massage roller and immediately bought one once I got home. This one from KT Tape ® has replaced my other one now, as it has both hot and cold inserts. It’s a great size and the gel inserts for either hot (microwaveable for 45 seconds or less) or cold (chuck it in the freezer) therapies are easy to use and make for a quick switch out. For about $40, it’s a small investment for throwing in a post-race pack and looking forward to on the car ride home!

Matt: I think it’s fair to say that most people have heard of KT Tape. As you can see from Bobi Jo’s review, their brand continues to evolve beyond the bread and butter – the tape itself – into other injury prevention and recovery landscapes.

Another new venture on their part is the new KT Recovery+ Wave. Here’s info from their website:

KT Recovery+ Wave™ is a breakthrough in drug-free pain relief. We have taken clinically proven electromagnetic therapy from the clinician’s office and brought it to you as an easy to use and portable FDA cleared device. What was once an expensive, bulky clinical & sports therapy treatment is now lightweight, discreet, and wearable – to go wherever you go Clinically proven and FDA cleared device for pain relief.

For a complex item, the application is pretty simple. Basically, center the wrong over your sore spot, adhere it to your body with included adhesive tape, and click the button to start. It’s definitely a commitment, as best results are said to be received by wearing for 12+ hours for 2-3 consecutive days, but that’s a small price to pay for health. None of our bloggers (thankfully) have been experiencing significant pain, but we will absolutely be putting to use if it happens. And at only $35.99, it’s also an affordable option that may get you back to running (or just pain-free) sooner.

Scroll through the rest of the online shop for pain relief creams, ice/heat wraps, blister prevention, anti-chafing products, and some good deals on bundles.

Thank you to KT Tape ® for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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