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Silver Lupine Ranger Reflective Trucker Hat at the Bristow Trail Blast

Back in 2015, we stumbled upon Runyon – a Los Angeles based apparel company who made items made only in the US and with a namesake on one of the more popular places to run in Southern California. Around 2018, At the time there was a little shift towards printing apparel for races and organizations and away from gear creation. However, 2020/2021 has brought Runyon back into the creative front with a variety of items at the ready! And, after 5+ years, we are pumped to showcase some of their new gear.

Runyon Canyon Apparel lets you express your commitment to outdoor fitness and American Made quality. Inspired by the Urban Wilderness of Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles we’re dedicated to dressing your inner wild.

Our brand is a symbol of the American outdoors represented by an animal running wild and free. We are an American outdoor wear company that’s committed to restoring authenticity by providing clothing that’s only Made In The USA. Instead of shopping the globe for the cheapest price we value and celebrate American manufacturing.

We started this company as the outdoor brand of Los Angeles inspired by the urban wilderness of Runyon Canyon where people from all walks of life blend with celebrities, fitness, animals, art, fashion and the outdoors. Although inspired by Runyon Canyon, our American outdoor clothes are made to rock any trail around the world.

Whether you’re a hiker, runner, fitness fanatic, yogi or dog we believe everyone is entitled to feel fit and sexy. We uphold the peace & love mantra that exists in Runyon Canyon and are committed to helping great causes like protecting the wildlife in LA.

First and foremost, we are a big fan of their RUN Series shirts. We tried out their RUN Long Signature Fitness Shirt and it fits and feels great – with a track-inspired design that comes in a variety of colors. It has solid qualities that are perfect for running (lightweight and breathable), created with 100% moisture-wicking heather microfiber performance fabric that is awesomely milled, cut, and sewed in LA. They have a ton of great designs available, and come in long and short sleeved varieties.

Beyond a ton of other apparel styles as well, such as hoodies, zip-ups, and tanks, they also have new all-mesh Trucker Hats perfect for trail running. We received a few to check out – the Toyon Gold (in brown), Silver Lupine Ranger (in purple), and Pine Forester (in green). The first two both feature and celebrate 100% made-in-USA government-approved patches, complete with fibers originating in the US on a US-made hat. They are actually made in the same factory that makes hats for government organizations like the US Coast Guard and and features a US-made reflective paracord (a signature design unique to Runyon) which supports Veterans.

The hats themselves are very comfortable and have held up to some significant runs. They have a performance headband within that holds up WAY better than standard trucker hats on the market and still manages to look great.

Just one of many cool style and color options available!

Outside of the apparel items themselves, one really awesome imitative they have launched is their One Wild Buck where they donate $1 for every item sold to local wildlife charities protecting/preserving open space. We, for one, are super happy for Runyon to be back in the creative space – creating simple, affordable, and comfortable performance for runners on the West Coast – and beyond!

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Thank you to Runyon for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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