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Introducing WODBottom – featuring women’s shorts, tights, and tops for weightlifting, crossfit, and yoga. Yes, I know this is Run Oregon, but we runners do more than just run. Most of us know that adding strength training and some type of stretching – like yoga, is beneficial in keeping us running strong. While you may use your running tights for your workouts, sometimes they just don’t do the trick. The zippers on your pockets can dig in during a floor exercise. The fit that works great for running can sag during the varied movement of your workouts. In the same way you are picky about the perfect pair of tights for your long runs, you should also be particular about your workout tights.

Workout tights for me need to stay in place no matter which way I move. When I squat, I don’t want to worry about my tights pulling down in back and exposing me. When I’m in a downward dog, I don’t want to discover – from someone else – that my tights are see-through. Eeek! Overall, I just don’t want to be constantly adjusting my tights throughout my workout. I just want to workout and NOT think about my tights. Just like when I run. I want them to fit right and move with me.

Luxe Driving Me Navy 25″ Leggings

I had the opportunity to try out WODBOTTOM’s Luxe Driving Me Navy 25″ Leggings. The fit was true to size and they have held up nicely during my varied workouts. The polyester/Supplex blend is a breathable, comfortable fabric. Personally, I would prefer the fabric to have a little more of a compression fit to help keep the tights more in place. However, they were not a distraction during my workouts. There are no zippers or extra fabric due to pockets or design elements, so they work great for an intense workout, a stretching session, or even just lounging around. The color of these tights isn’t truly solid. There is some variation throughout with slightly darker and lighter areas making the look a bit more interesting. And, most importantly, the tights are NOT see-through! While I have not run in these, I believe they would easily double as a running tight, as long as you don’t require pockets. My overall review of these workout tights is a definitive thumb’s up!

Stop Dream and Start Doing Muscle Tank

I also tried out the Stop Dreaming and Start Doing Muscle Tank. The fit of this tank is true to size and the fabric (a polyester/viscose combination) is soft and comfy. Perfect for a workout or just kicking around on a summer day . . . Is it summer yet? 😉 I am a fan of the saying on the shirt, too. I was disappointed that the tank is not a WODBottom brand, but instead a custom printed BELLA tank. But, overall, I do like the shirt and I will definitely wear this one often – especially when the weather improves.

Besides have a variety of workout wear, WODBottom is all about supporting those dealing with domestic abuse. This company gives back to DAIS, a non-profit helping abuse survivors and their children. (See more details below.) The WODBottom blog is also a resource for both health/fitness tips, as well as support and information about abuse. I feel pretty good about supporting a company like this. I think you should check them out!

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How do you tell a story about how and why WodBottom is here without going back 30 years?

I can’t…

I grew up in a home where domestic abuse was always lurking. The complex and hard to comprehend emotional impact that had was huge. Having very little self worth or confidence, I found myself in similar relationships, continuing a cycle that started with my mom.

Since adulthood, I just knew that no matter what I was doing, I ultimately wanted to help women truly understand their worth.

Plus, how amazing would life be if women didn’t feel ashamed to speak up, weren’t afraid to go after what they want, and believed whole heartedly that they are just as valuable as men?

Pretty freakn’ incredible, I bet

This isn’t man bashing…this is woman loving.

So to put money where our mouth is, we are honored to give back to DAIS (Domestic Abuse Intervention Services). DAIS is incredible and they help so many people (men and women) find safety from Domestic Abuse. Whether is helping them create an escape plan or to house survivors and their families, their impact is great and their work is important.

By bringing light to Domestic Abuse, we also hope to help women feel unashamed when they find themselves in this situation. An incredible amount of women have reached out to us to share their stories. I want to hear less of them, not because people shouldn’t share (they should!), but because there is less abuse.

So thank you, thank you so much for coming here to peruse the stuff we make. Your purchase helps others and we are grateful.




Thank you to WODBOTTOM for providing us with a sample top and tights. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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