Company Spotlight: Runyon Canyon Apparel

Run Oregon sometimes receives products to review. We recently received a couple of items from LA based company, Runyon Canyon Apparel to try out.  Here are our impressions of Runyon Canyon Apparel:


Runyon Canyon Apparel lets you express your commitment to outdoor fitness and American Made quality. Inspired by the Urban Wilderness of Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles we’re dedicated to dressing your inner wild.

Our brand is a symbol of the American outdoors represented by an animal running wild and free. We are an American outdoor wear company that’s committed to restoring authenticity by providing clothing that’s only Made In The USA. Instead of shopping the globe for the cheapest price we value and celebrate American manufacturing.

We started this company as the outdoor brand of Los Angeles inspired by the urban wilderness of Runyon Canyon where people from all walks of life blend with celebrities, fitness, animals, art, fashion and the outdoors. Although inspired by Runyon Canyon, our American outdoor clothes are made to rock any trail around the world.

Whether you’re a hiker, runner, fitness fanatic, yogi or dog we believe everyone is entitled to feel fit and sexy.We uphold the peace & love mantra that exists in Runyon Canyon and are committed to helping great causes like protecting the wildlife in LA.


Zip-Ups ($58.00)

If there is one item of clothes that really a staple here in Oregon, I would have to believe it is a half-zip long-sleeved top. There’s just something that feels right about tossing on a top to be able to take on the chilly Oregon seasons and hitting the pavement.

Runyon’s quarter zips come in three colors, and are made with 90% microfiber and 10% spandex. They definitely aren’t flashy – which is a definite contrast to the location where the anti-microbial fabric is milled, cut and sewed – Los Angeles.

The top wears great and looks classy. Proper care is essential (as most items are), and I messed up by not properly washing this. A few hot washes have made the collar area a little more flimsy than the beginning. It still looks and performs great, but my own carelessness has worn it out for no good reason other than me! However, this bad boy is becoming a staple in my wardrobe lately during these crisp and chilly autumn evenings.


I really like the simplicity of these running shirts. They keep their visuals simple and the color schemes in the collection muted – always grey. I’m not flashy by nature (though there are some color options in their Training and Trail shirt collections), so I am very down with the grey styling. I have officially been asked on two occasions where I got my shirt, and it has been commented that it exudes a certain “simple fashion”. Who knew I could be such a trendsetter?! The shirts themselves are solid enough to look fine with a pair of jeans. I have actually paired these shirts with a casual zip-up and felt right at home.

I found the shirts to run a little bigger than normal, though not by very much. Being a size L, I sometimes get clothes where a large feels like it is painted on, and then another large from a different company will make me feel like I’m swimming inside it. I found the Runyon Signature to be almost at a perfect fit for me – a tad bit more room without looking like a 10-year-old trying on his dad’s shirt.

imageRad Reflective Camp Hats ($28.00)

Jessica had the opportunity to try out these two hats. Here is what she thinks: Granted, men may be the primary audience for these hats, but I feel in love with the dark grey/light grey and purple Rad Reflective Performance Camp Hat. Being an avid trail runner, this is an ideal hat to wear during short, or long, trail runs. It fits my smaller head very well thanks to the excellent adjustments available. It also looks really, really cool. Who doesn’t want to wear an awesome hat, that actually looks good and fits well, while they are on the trails?
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