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I noticed the other day that I have a lot of black running shorts in my closet. For someone who owns more pink shirts than his wife, I was really bummed that I was apparently such a “vanilla” runner. I needed some color and some flair. Thankfully rabbit came to the rescue with their new Quadtastic 5″ shorts.

I received a pair of their Nectarine color scheme (they also come in a flashy “Lemon Tonic” yellow scheme too), and instantly fell in love. It is just what I was needing to shake things up this spring. I fell in love all over again when I put them on.  They come with an elastic waistband, a nice and comfortable option that makes things quick and easy – pull them on and hit the road! There is a drawstring inside as necessary, but I appreciated the reassuring compression on my waist without needing to tie things up if I chose.

Now comes the crazy awesome newness of these shorts. They are made from a new fabric – rabbitDRY – which utilizes new recycled…wait for it…coffee grounds. Really. This tech produces shorts that are not only do everything a running short should (wick sweat and moisture, dry in a flash, and be lightweight), it also reduces condensation rates. And obviously, its more sustainable.

The brief liners are also updated in these shorts. You would think that there’s not a ton that can be done with liners, but rabbit is pushing back on that. The brief liner and the back panel venting are made from their new rabbitKNIT ICE fabric, a weaved together combination of their signature rabbitKNIT blend and…you guessed it…recycled coffee grounds. This creation is reported as being able to cool body temperature 1 to 2 degrees Celsius. They boast that their liner” is scratch and chafe-free”, and so far I’d have to agree. I am pain free…down there.

Additionally, there are a few pockets to handle a small amount of items – one zipped in the back and a small one in the front that could hold a key or card.
The Quadtastic shorts are quite the unique take on the construction of the shorts – yet feel great when running in them. I don’t have anything negative to say about these shorts yet. We have been reviewing rabbit for a few years now, and they continue to pump out great items. You should definitely check them out! Now, rabbit just needs to come up with some lower body compression to accompany these shorts and call them the “de-calf”.
OK – I’m done with the dad jokes. Just check these out.


  • rabbitDRY
    • 88% poly/ 12% spandex (main material)
  •  rabbitKNIT ICE
    • 95% Ice-cafe nylon / 5% spandex (liner and venting)
  • 5” inseam (all sizes)


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More About Rabbit:

We created rabbit because we wanted something better. We both are lifelong runners and so we’ve tried all the running apparel out there, but we never found anything we loved. With athletic apparel everywhere you look, it’s hard to believe that no one had perfected the running short, but that’s exactly how it felt to us. Some things were too complicated, others too fussy, and plenty were downright ugly. Even worse, none seemed to really consider the distinct activity of running and the legitimate and specific needs of the runner.

We thought about this problem for quite a while and finally we decided that we were going to solve it ourselves. We started to think about what exactly it was that we wanted from our running clothes. And we asked dozens of runners to sit down for interviews so we could learn what exactly they wanted from their running clothes and see if they were feeling the same things we were. We chalked up all of the pros and cons of every garment we could get our hands on. And, after all that, we believed that we could make something better.

Thank you to Rabbit for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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