Race Preview: 2021 Life Time Miami Marathon, Half, and 5k (Virtual through 1/31/21)

So far, 2021 doesn’t look much different than 2020 as far as races go. I’ve registered for a few virtual races ahead of us already, and this pandemic gives me the perfect excuse to register for the 2021 #VirtuallyMiamiFamous wired by the Life Time Miami Marathon/Half Marathon/Tropical 5k. The swag for this race is exceptional and when else would I ever get the chance to do a Florida race if not virtually?

Unfortunately, the state of the world right now meant canceling the in person version of the 2021 Miami Marathon, but all hope is not lost. Now this race, which typically attracts runners from all over the world, has registrants from 46 states and 42 countries throughout the world, as well as runners from 7 years old to 83 years young, participating together, virtually. You have three distance options – the marathon, the half marathon, and the 5k – or a combination of two or all three of these distances. Even better, the more you do, the more swag you get and the cooler the medal gets. More on that in a minute.

Registration for this race is already open and the window in which to run this event started on January 10th. However, if you are just tuning in, there’s still time! You have until the end of January to get your race on, and registration will also remain open through January 31st as well.

If you’re not all that into race swag, this race might change your mind. The medals for the Miami Marathon were designed by local artists and inspired by the conservation efforts of coastal reefs in their design. These medals are stackable and like a cool puzzle that all comes together depending on the effort you want to put into the event. What that means is you’ll get a golden base with overlaying components, (including a mangrove roots spinner, a coral emblem, a water emblem, and a diamond palm) depending on which distance you complete and also how many of the three distances you decide to complete by the end of the month. In addition to the medals, there is more swag for you.

Complete one event, (the 5k, the half marathon, or the full marathon option) for $40 and you’ll get a shirt, a medal, and access to a special TuneUp program. Complete two of the distances for $60 and you’ll get the shirt and TuneUp program, another stackable piece of the medal along with original medal, and a flexible water bottle. Complete all three events for $80 and you’ll get a deluxe medal with all the pieces incorporated into one distinctive piece of hardware, the shirt, the flexible water bottle, the TuneUp program, and a hat. All of the finisher kids will begin mailing 4-6 weeks after the event concludes at the end of the month.

The TuneUp program, new to the event this year, is a free running plan that was created by the Miami Marathon co-founder, Frankie Ruiz. The plan started on November 8th, but there is still time to catch the rest, which ends January 31st. This year, for the first time in 18 years, Frankie himself is planning to run the marathon and is aiming to complete all three distances.

I’m looking forward to this race, and if this sounds like something that will motivate you through the doldrums of January, get on board. Do it right now!!


What: 2021 #VirtuallyMiamiFamous wired by the Life Time Miami Marathon/Half Marathon/Tropical 5k

When: Anytime between January 10th – 31st, 2021

Where: Anywhere you choose!!

Cost: One distance is $40, two distances is $60, and all three distances is $80

Register: Here

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