What Run Oregon is Trying: Prevent Sprain Technology socks from CM Socks

If you’re an active person like I am, socks matter. Runners go on and on about shoes, but without good socks, those shoes aren’t going to matter half as much. CM Socks recently reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to review their Prevent Sprain Technology (PST) socks and I was fully on board to try this technology.

Ankle sprains are among the most frequent injury in many sports, and the PST Knee High Sock is a patented multi-sport sock that is meant to help prevent this. These socks are anatomically shaped and were built with the biochemical principles of functional bandages/taping and ankle supports. Along with the socks, I was sent a “Quantitive Pilot Study” brochure which compared a standard sports sock to the PST sock. As you can imagine, the PST socks performed well, reducing instability and producing promising results.

The socks, for one, are very compressive. As with many compression socks, they take a bit more time than regular socks to get on, but there is a handy guide inside the box which gives you the step-by-step instructions to get the well-marked left/right anatomical socks up. There’s a little “pocket” in the back for the ankle, and up they go! Once they are on, they give your ankles a nice comfy hug.

The socks have tension straps built into them for high stability. This is what helps prevent injury, favoring the neutral joint position. Per the website “different pressures and elasticities stimulate cutaneous sensory receptors, thus increasing the information to the central nervous system, facilitating the activation of the muscles that actively control the injury mechanism.” In simpler terms, I’ll tell you that my feet, ankles, and calves felt very stable and comfy.

There is a non-slip region on the bottom of the sock, which helps prevent slippage within your shoes.  There is also a seamless finish, great for blister control and to prevent any rubbing inside the shoe. Since I wore these for the first time on the trails on a muddy day, I found this to be very beneficial when going down the hills. I’m happy to say my feet stayed locked in place inside my muddy trail shoes.

The socks are also have an antibacterial PURECO® treatment, which is a plus since I’m often in my socks for two to four hours. My feet can get pretty wet and dirty, so any help in this realm is a plus.

If you are recovering from a sprain or prone to sprains, these socks are for you. If you do a lot of activities which require pivoting and changing directions suddenly, these will also be beneficial. I plan to wear these a lot for my trail runs, or for afterwards. The compression really helps reduce fatigue, thanks to the improved venous return.


Products & Price:

Specs (from website):

  • Support: Supports weak ankles
  • Stability: Class II medical socks
  • Performance: Anti-fatigue compression
  • Anti-Slip: Confidence to continue participating
  • Anti-Bacterial Treatment
  • 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane

More about CM Socks:

CM Socks began its activities in November of 1995

We produce unique sport socks and classic socks for men, women and children, with a production capacity of 26 million pairs a year.

Our industrial park comprises of 250 machines geared for a wide variety of products, from pouch heel in 120 needles up to the real heel of 144, 156, 168 and 200 needles.

Promoting health and well-being benefits of activities in the outdoors

The two units where CM Socks operates, cover an area of 34,000  and 12,000 square meters respectively and employs 160 dedicated staff.

We have the best in cutting edge technologies in Portugal and are at the forefront in this business. It includes an ongoing training program for our staff that aims for the highest standard in quality and performance.

With our ever changing technology, CM Socks has invested over 3.5 million euros to modernise its facilities with seamless machines from the best in the industry such as Sbys from Lonati in Italy.

Thank you to CM Socks for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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