I need to recover from 2020 – so I’ve been trying out the RECOVER Fleece Graphic Hoodie from Under Armour

Under Armour has been working on “recovery items” for a while now. We have reviewed a few items from their athlete recovery sleepwear line a few years ago. I’ll be honest, I’m still not sure exactly where I stand with this sort of “Far Infrared” technology, but I can highlight that I still wear this sleepwear to this day and love how it feels. The techology doesn’t appear to be fully rooted in magic fairy dust, as there is an NIH independent study that showcases the positive effects Far Infrared has on energy and recovery.

A newer iteration is their RECOVER line, which features a variety of everyday apparel items (sweaters, pants, etc) that are powered by that Infrared Celliant textile. The simple desire for this like is such:

Recover faster, get better faster. The mineral-infused fabric takes the energy you give off all the time and reflects it back into your muscles, so you feel less fatigued and muscles recover faster.

After a few weeks of wear, I am hesitant to go on the record that I feel completely rejuvenated when wearing this top – yet I’m also not willing to say that it’s not helping either. Again, I don’t really understand the science, but I would venture that this sort of thing works on a molecular level and isn’t necessarily something that showcases immediately-noticeable, life-altering results. I am willing to say that I really like this hoodie – it’s soft and functional and looks like a standard classic hoodie – and if small changes are being made to keep my recovery time moving along quicker, well that’s icing on the cake. I have more than a few cheap (and generally uncomfortable) hoodies, that absolutely do NOT have much going for them in terms of tech, that this one will happily replace.

I would recommend sizing up. I wear Larges in most items, but found that this sizing was both a little too snug and the arms were too short. While it is billed as a “loose fit”, I definitely didn’t find this in the sizing of the hoodie received. While I found the body more of a “normal fit” than loose, I prefer my hoodies to be on the baggier end and the sizing didn’t seem in line with that. We don’t knock companies over the sizing in sample items, but I would recommend going larger nonetheless. (Numerous review on the product page highlight how nice the hoodie is, but also consistently mention the sizing issue as well.

Celliant technology on the inside

Company: Under Armour (Facebook)


    • 85% Polyester/15% Cotton
    • The pattern inside the fabric returns infrared energy to your body to restore your muscles faster
    • Super-soft fleece with a warm, brushed inner for ultimate comfort
    • Cross over hood construction with bungee adjust
    • Front kangaroo pocket
    • Dropped, side-vent hem for enhanced coverage

Thank you to Under Armour for providing us with a sample item. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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