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Protein bars. I’ve tried SO many of them. Honestly, I hate most of them. They are either too chewy, too dry, or just too funky in the mission to disguise the taste of “healthy” stuff, IF there’s any healthy stuff. Because let’s face the facts.. They aren’t all healthy. In many cases, you might as well just eat a Snickers Bar instead because at least then you know it will taste good.

Honey Stinger is a well-known brand. I’ve been using their waffles for long runs for a few years, and their chews and gels are great because they aren’t loaded with a lot of the crap that’s in many other brands. The main difference? Honey. Honey is a natural sweetener, and it’s what Honey Stinger uses in their products as a source of energy and carbohydrates. It’s a low glycemic food and it’s been proven to help athletic performance.

If you’re looking for the Holy Grail of protein bars, you might just find it in the Honey Stinger Cracker Bar. These bars combine chocolate and peanut butter with crunchy delicious crackers. There are 10 grams of plant protein and, of course, the natural honey previously mentioned to provide the perfect, delectable bar that you can enjoy when you’re ready to recover from your run or workout. They also have twice the amount of peanut butter and honey than the original had.

There are two flavors to choose from, the Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate Cracker Bar and the Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Cracker Bar. Both are equally delicious. I’m personally a bigger fan of dark chocolate, so that’s the one I went for first, but they are both quite tasty. I originally wondered if the bar would be a bit dry with the word “cracker” in the title, but that was not the case. These bars are sweet and salty and don’t taste anything like Protein Bars, which is actually the highest compliment I can give. To be honest, they taste more like a Peanut Butter Twix bar to me. But instead of being loaded with junk, they are filled with USDA Organic ingredients and you’ll get all the carbs and protein you need for recovery. Even better, you’ll actually look forward to one of these after your workout, because NONE of that stuff you’d expect to taste in a bar that’s good for you exists here.

There’s a 12 Count Variety Pack for $29.99 available, which includes 6 of each variation of the Chocolate and Peanut Butter flavor, or you could buy a box of 12 of either flavor for $28.99, depending on your preference.  If you’re not sure which will be your favorite yet, grab a Sample Pack of 4 so you can get 2 of each for $9.99.

I will definitely start packing these Honey Stinger Cracker Bars in my bag for my post-run recovery treat. And I won’t feel guilty for loving it either.


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  • Rewarding recovery: The new cracker bar has more filling and 10 grams of plant protein to make your recovery fuel the most delicious part of your day.
  • USDA Certified Organic: cracker bars are USDA Certified Organic and Kosher.
  • Fuel for every activity: honey provides a Sustained energy boost without the crash. Its low-glycemic qualities are perfected by nature, not born in a lab.
  • 10g Protein: Each bar has 10g of plant protein and 290 calories.

More about Honey Stinger:

What’s in a name?

Yes, all of our products include honey, but our products are also designed to give you that extra kick to help you sting. Stinger bees are not drones, they are worker bees and some are even queen bees. Every day stinger bees leave the hive and head out on amazing expeditions. We like to think of our hive athletes as stingers, who will never find themselves stuck in a drone’s life and who are always pushing themselves to complete their next challenge.

Sting or Bee Stung

Those who have spent time pursuing an athletic endeavor know that sometimes you sting and sometimes you get stung. It is why athletes continue to compete. We know the satisfaction of challenging yourself, pushing yourself to your limit and working harder at something than you ever have before. That is why we are constantly adapting and adding to our line to deliver the best possible products. We want to be there when you overcome the feat that you never thought you could accomplish. We want to help you sting!

Sweet, Simple Nectar

We recognize athletes are looking for ways to optimize their performance, which is why we developed nutrition products that are made from real ingredients. We are firm believers that you are what you eat. Which is why we use wholesome, organic, non-GMO ingredients whenever possible. We also believe that what you eat should also taste great. Honey is one of our key ingredients not only because it is rich in carbohydrates but also because it is a delicious, sweet, simple nectar.

Real, Genuine People

In 2017 we moved into a new headquarters in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, along with our sister company Big Agnes. We are located just minutes from the mountain and its Champagne Powder snow, some wicked sweet single track and the glorious Yampa River. We are out every day testing our products and pushing the limits.

Our company is rooted in the philosophy that you should work hard, play hard and pursue magnificent feats. We are a collection of athletes in a myriad of disciplines who succeed and fail on a daily basis. We relish our triumphs and we try to learn from our mistakes. We are real, genuine, engaged employees, and we stand proudly behind our products.

Thank you to Honey Stinger for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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