Run Oregon is Kickin’ it in Cole Haan ZERØGRAND Outpace running shoes

Would you like to try new running shoes? Yes please. Always. Would you like to try the fanciest running shoes you have ever seen? #Blessed

Meg’s Impressions: When I had the opportunity to try out the new ZERØGRAND Outpace Running Shoe, the hardest part of the decision was which color to pick. The four options all had combinations that were stylish and looked more like something for the runway than my neighborhood sidewalks. I finally decided on the Black-Silver-Optic White option because I’m all about looking classy while running during a global pandemic. Aren’t you?

The website recommended selecting a half size down from your regular running shoe. Some of the commenters on the page wished they had gone a full size down. I followed their directions and ended up with ones just right for me. The process had me wondering (kind of like Carrie Bradshaw): If they know their shoes are all a half-size too big, why not change the sizing?

I knew these were going to be good shoes because the minute I opened the box, a friend immediately tried to steal them. In fact, they managed to get a walk in them before I did.

After a few adventures out in them, I would describe them as stylish, stiff, and supportive. I was concerned that the white areas would look dirty right away, but the plastic sections are easy to wipe off with just a bit of water. The use of plastic also means the shoes are very structured with not a lot of give or flexibility, which means if they were a little tight, there would be no stretch as some other shoes and clothes have. Parts of the shoe are a bit see-through so I got to add a bit of pink or blue to my outfit depending on socks that day.IMG_2523

In the end, it’s very possible that these shoes are going to be used more for walks than for runs. The stiffer structured feeling was a bit too much for longer runs, but perfect for walking sidewalks, mall hallways, or around the neighborhood. It was so nice to add a bit of flair in this strange season.


Geli’s Impressions: Like Meg, I never turn down the chance to try some new running shoes. I’m on my feet a lot during the day, so even if they don’t become my new favorite for exercise, I prefer to wear running shoes at work and during errands as well. The colors of the Zerogrand Outpace are unique and beautiful! Even the colorful ones are subtle enough to go with any outfit.

I chose “Golden Poppy-Corsican Blue-Ivory” which ended up a good choice: The translucent upper materials will put your sock colors on display as well, and most of my running socks will match the shoe colors. When choosing my size I followed manufacturer and review recommendations and sized down a full size from my usual running shoes, and I’m glad I did. The shoes fit well in length, but they are on the narrow size compared to my other running shoes. The cushion in the heel is fantastic!

With on and off Achilles issues I’m very happy when my heels feel happy.

Here’s a bit more on what Cole Haan says about their shoes and mission:

Women’s Shoes | Sneakers
Long-gone are the days when sneakers were only pulled out for going to the gym. These days sneakers are everywhere, and mean lots of things—from the running-inspired stretchy sneakers you hustle around in all weekend to the leather slip-on sneakers you wear to work. The breadth of looks from to tennis shoes to dress sneakers is wide, as are the materials used—leopard print or snakeskin, anyone?—but the demands placed upon them are the same: They need to be lightweight, stylish, breathable and super-comfortable. Our women’s sneakers are all that, and then some.

At Cole Haan, our mission is to inspire people to live extraordinary, purpose-filled lives.

Women’s ZERØGRAND Outpace Running Shoe: $150
Sizes: 5-11 (round at least a half size down), wide not currently available


Thank you Cole Haan for providing us with sample pairs Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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