What Run Oregon is Trying: HOKA Stinson ATR6 Hiking Shoes

My plan this year was to dial back on running and do more hiking, especially as the weather improves. A friend of mine bought a permit for a group hike to Mt St. Helens in August, and I thought this would be the perfect trip to set my sights on. However, I realized that though I own plenty of trail shoes, I really didn’t have any shoes that we specific to trail hiking shoes.

Luckily, HOKA has always had my back (or my feet, more specifically.) There are only a handful of running shoe brands that I really trust, and HOKA ONE ONE has been on the short list of “go to” shoes since the very first time I tried a pair. So I was, of course, ecstatic to try out the new HOKA ONE ONE Stinson ATR6 shoes.

I have never tried the Stinson ATR5 shoes currently on the market, so I can’t speak to the difference between those and the new ATR6’s. However, I can tell you anything you’d want to know about these latest and greatest shoes that will be available this summer, (HOKA Fall shoes are released a little early, which is awesome for all of us.)

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The first thing I noticed about the ATR6’s is that they looked a lot like a pair of trail shoes. HOKA ONE ONE does have a line of high top Stinsons that look more like hiking shoes, but I like that these ones look a lot like something that could be used for a little running as well as hiking. Because, lets face it, I am a runner at heart, and I can’t promise that I will stick to walking throughout an entire hiking adventure. HOKA ONE ONE is already my top pick for trail running shoes, so why wouldn’t I like the Stinson ATR6’s? They were designed to handle runs that cross from pavement to a mellow trail and back again. I love this versatility, and more options are always nice.


I liked the look of the ATR6’s right away. They have some SERIOUS tread on them. These shoes do not mess around. If you are thinking you need something “grippy,” I can’t imagine another shoe handling the hiking trails better than these could.

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The Stinsons are cushy, which is a feature I like in HOKA ONE ONE shoes. People ask if they are heavy, but I don’t feel like they are any heavier than any of my other running shoes, and I’ve purposely stayed away from some brands to avoid that “walking in wet cement” sort of feeling when my feet get tired. The CMEVA midsole keeps the cushion nice and light and it’s nice and broad for those of us who like a wide fit. The comfort level is high in the Stinsons, which is important when you plan to hike for HOURS. If there’s anything I’ve learned this year, it’s that walking takes FOREVER. It can be way more challenging than running without the rewards of the high mileage numbers afterward.

I’ve managed to get out on a few hikes this year, though less than what I’d originally planned. What I’ve found is that no matter how steep the trail, my HOKA ONE ONE shoes have been able to tackle it without any slippage. This is great for an inexperienced hiker. There are enough things to worry about out in the middle of nowhere without having to think about your shoes.

My plans for the hike in August might be derailed due to the current pandemic, but my fingers are crossed that it can somehow still go on. And if it doesn’t, there will be more hikes on the horizon, and I now have my “go-to” shoes to kick up some serious dirt.

HOKA ONE ONE for the win again!!

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Products & Price:

  • Women’s Stinson ATR6 ($160)

Specs (from website):


  • Engineered mesh with recycled polyester fibers
  • Anatomical support wings along eyerow for secure lockdown
  • TPU-reinforced toe cap provides additional durability


  • Highest volume CMEVA midsole in the HOKE ONE ONE® lineup for optimal lightweight cushioning
  • Broad midsole and accommodating fit for a comfortable ride
  • Late stage Meta-Rocker offers additional stability and a smooth toe-off


  • Broad, closely spaced lugs deliver versatile traction on uneven trails
  • Zonal rubber engineered for lightweight durability
  • 4mm lugs provide all-terrain traction


  • Women: 34mm heel/29mm forefoot
  • Men: 37mm heel/32mm forefoot


  • Women 9.8 oz/278g
  • Men 11.7 oz/332g


Thank you to HOKA ONE ONE for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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