Race Review: 2020 Pacific Rim 24 Hour Endurance Run (Longview, WA)


My first time being exposed to Ultra running was going to Pac Rim a few years ago. I went to cheer on a friend. I also planned to run a few laps with him. I drove to WA thinking the whole idea of a race with mile loops would be insanely boring, but what the heck? It’s fun to experiences different types of races. My friend was already several miles in when I arrived that day. I jumped in and was eager to run several laps that day to help keep him going.

What I experienced that day was nothing like I expected! The park was beautiful. The mile loops were great. Each mile you had access to the bathroom, drinks, food and encouragement. The mile loop was also great because you got to see all the other runners lots of times. If a runner was faster than you, they would lap you and you could do the same to others. You could make small talk with other runners this way and get to know some of their reasons for running. The mile loop also gave me something to look forward too. It was very easy on the brain. I went on to run a mile loop Ultra later in my life because of this experience and it was fantastic.

  • Saturday March 21, 2020 starting at 9:00 am
  • Lake Sacajawea, Longview, WA (intersection of Hemlock and Kessler)
  • Register for Pacific Rim 24 hour Run here.
  • Cost: $115.00

This race is on both gravel and paved sidewalk. There is very little elevation change on this course, making for a good Ultra PR or first attempt at an Ultra. Bring your own chair and shelter if needed for resting times. There will be a fully manned aid station with hot and cold drinks, meals, and snacks (vegan options too). This race can be walked or ran. You can race the whole 24 hours or make a mileage goal such as 50 miles and stop when you hit your goal. The whole point is to get in as many laps as possible in 24 hours, as many laps as you want. You can stop and rest as needed during this time. The top 10 racer to come in will receive Pac Rim Awards on Sunday morning after 9:00am.

Another story from a Pac Rim experience:

Pac Rim is a great race — no matter if you go down alone or with a group, you are sure to make friends by the end!  I always meet the coolest people and love sharing running stories with them. You will meet seasoned experts and newbies – it’s a great opportunity to mentor and be mentored.

I like the format of the race with a 1 mile loop around the lake with only the slightest of inclines.  It is mostly paved with a smooth running surface — no need for trail shoes or gaiters.  The “score board” (seen every mile) helps you keep track of your progress and also lets you know who is still out there moving with you.

Pac Rim is known for its fantastic race support. Besides regular trail food favorites, you get dinner, midnight pizza, hot broth, cold soda and breakfast burritos – enough food to keep you moving even in your most zombie’ish state!

The race directors are AWESOME. One year, I was so tired and bleary eyed that I could not get my earphones plugged into my mp3 player. The race director saw me struggling and plugged them in for me.  I hope I wasn’t too tired to thank him!

I like to take my SUV and get a couple hours of sleep during the night but there are hotels close by for those who prefer more luxurious accommodations – and there are always tent campers as well, staking out their homestead on the park’s grassy areas.  Also, make sure to stay for the awards ceremony which happens soon after the completion of the race.

The atmosphere at Pac Rim is so supportive. If you are considering an ultra or want to do a specific distance — maybe even your first marathon — without a high pressure situation or strict cut-off times, I highly encourage you to consider this race. Come out and get loopy!

-Lori Secrest

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