Zealios Race Relief Cold Therapy Legit Works

This is me: Run 25-30 miles a week, take barre class, ride to work a few days a week … at least when the weather is nice. A calf pull in December and pure laziness kept me inside much of January and part of February, but here we are again with some sunny days and I just have to jump back in like I didn’t just have six consecutive weeks of less than 15 miles.

This is also me: Sore all over and literally cringing as my massage therapist works the quad muscle under the IT band.ZealiosAs someone with a toxic mix of dedication and days off, I have done my fair share of hobbling the past two weeks. I’m not injured, just stiff and sore and after sitting at my desk for 90 minutes, need a little warm-up before heading to the printer in the break room. Fortunately, I got a sample of Zealios Race Relief Cold Therapy a few weeks ago, and I’ve been putting it to good use.

My freakishly-sensitive skin had no issues with the translucent white gel, which absorbs quickly. One point I need to make is that after applying, follow the instructions and wash your hands, or you’ll forget about it and touch your eye, and then you’ll have watering eyes for a little while.

The gel immediately cools the sore area, and within a few minutes provides relief from the soreness of overly-ambitious runners. The primary active ingredient is menthol, and there are 12 natural herbal extracts as well.

Now, this is my mom: 60-something used to be super active (caught for her work softball team and played (horribly) on a volleyball team for most of my childhood) who has inherited arthritic knees from her dad. She was telling me about her knee pain one afternoon at my house and I gave her some of the Race Relief Cold Therapy … and she loved it. (And now I know what to get her for Mother’s Day.)

So, because Zealios’ gel worked for both my mom and me, I suggest you try it out if you have muscle soreness or joint pain. I’m willing to bet there’s a good chance it will work for you too! You can get a 3-oz tube for $17.95 or a 3-pack for $51.15 on the Zealios website (check out their sunscreen while you’re there).  You can buy it locally at a number of cycling and triathlon stores; use their retail store finder to locate some near you.

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