Want running clothes you can wear to work? Check out Brooks’ current lineup

I am a big proponent of comfortable clothes. I do not work in an office setting anymore, and I’ve found that wearing jeans is a perk of a more relaxed work environment. But my goal in life is to be able to always be dressed so that I’m ready to run.

Recently I’ve found that Brooks makes some running gear that looks good even when you’re not wearing it for running. The Cascadia puffy vest with its rose gold accents will keep you warm on the run but it will also pair well with jeans. What I like about this vest is the really wide bottom band that stays put when running and has extra stretch around the hips. And it keeps me cozy at work!

The Array Long Sleeve is a little lighter, offers a more relaxed fit, features a modest open seam in the back, and has an elastic dropped-waist hem that fits around your hips. They also have a variety of tailored tanks and tees that you can wear as a base layer in the winter and you’re ready to run right after work without having to change your bra.

Speaking of bras, Brooks just released a whole new line of running bras. (Don’t worry, they are still carrying their previous line including my fave, the Juno.) The Dare line of run bras are made specifically for running and offer support for the way a runner’s body moves.

Six styles mean a great fit for women of all sizes, including the seamless Dare Crossback, the easy-to-take -Dare Zip, and the surprisingly supportive Dare Strappy. We’ll have more about these new run bras coming soon on RunOregon, but for now, head into your favorite local running store and try one on!

Last but not least, let’s talk bottoms. For more than a decade, tights (long, crop, and capri) have been most runners’ go-to when it’s chilly outside or to avoid chafing. Now, unless you’re a coach, you probably can’t wear running shorts to work, but the Brooks Chaser short comes in 7-inch, 5-inch, and 3-inch inseams and are styled for – I love their name for this – “fit-bottomed girls.” As in, girls with strong muscles from running, climbing hills, and doing squats. I have a few pair of the 5-inch inseam and I never need Bodyglide with that length. (They come in about a dozen different colors, and some of them are on sale!)

Also, I think it’s time we gave another look at running bottoms that aren’t super tight (and that could pass on casual Friday!). The Venture Pant by Brooks has everything you could want: a wide waistband, a nice draped leg that isn’t too wide, and has a just-right length. They also have pockets that will keep your phone and ID secure and bounce-free on the run. And they come in black, which instantly make something look a little dressier. If you haven’t run in this style of bottoms for a while (or ever), give it a try. You might love it!

So instead of scheduling another Fix or shopping for yet another black sweater at the Rack, check out what Brooks has to offer to update your work clothes and run-drobe at the same time. You’ll end up with clothes that is perfectly comfortable and can go straight from work to a run!

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