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78599039_2316916465265662_4446317695788384256_nWe first came across Bill Ringa, a Dutch company, back in 2016 when we showcased them in one of our Kickstarter of the Week feature. In 2017, we reviewed a pair of slippers and couldn’t believe how much we liked them. Bill Ringa continues to grow and, though they are mostly centralized in Europe, they ship to the US as well.

I have been subscribing to the fact that happy feet makes a happy runner (duh), so I should be doing everything I can to make sure my feet are both supported and comfortable. If my feet are in pain, it doesn’t really matter what new apparel, training, or technology I have on my side, I’m not going to be able to get out the door or be as efficient as I should. It’s been a while since I have had a significant foot injury (knock on wood), but the times that I had tendinitis in my Achilles and Plantar Faciitis were among some of the lowest points in my running “career”. Those two times really drove the point home that I need to be doing all I can to keep my clompers happy.

As I mentioned in our previous post, I have realized that my arches have a lot of pain when they aren’t supported. Even just walking around in bare feet or unsupported footwear is no good. As a result, investing in and wearing slippers from Bill Ringa – like the new Ease – is an absolute necessity.

Here’s a little more about how Bill Ringa came to be:

In a cold winter a few years ago Timothy realized that there weren’t any decent, high-quality slippers that would meet the needs of modern men. Recognizing both a challenge and an opportunity, he teamed up with renowned footwear designer Roderick Pieters and together they started to design – following their vision of creating a unique shoe.

Before the summer of that same year, the first Bill Ringa collection was born, consisting of four unique silhouettes: ‘Fold’, ‘Ease’, ‘High’ and ‘Chelsea’. Two low tops and two high tops. Timothy started a crowdfunding campaign in the midst of the summer and it became clear that everybody loved it.

There is a simplicity in their slippers’ designs.  They are made from 100% lamb wool with a polyurethane insole (similar to those in many running shoes). The top layer is also covered with wool and the sole is constructed from latex rubber that provides both support and strength. This sort of construction is by design, as Bill Ringa subscribes to a minimalistic philosophy – with a focus on sustainability and durability, with materials found near their production center and focusing on lessening the environmental impact. They fit right in here in the Pacific Northwest.

NOt to sound hyperbolic, but I put on Bill Ringa slippers every day after work. I essentially live in them when I’m not running or at work. They feel great and keep me supported, and they also are multi-functional. I wear these out quite a bit and have even worn them on a casual date night with my wife a time or two. They actually look quite nice with a pair of jeans and the strong sole holds up amazingly well out-and-about. They are the perfect love child of a slip-on / sneaker / slippers extravaganza.

As you can see in the pictures below, I have worn my previous pair (the Fold) a lot. But, considering that I have worn them since 2017 (and continue to use them) they have held up amazingly well.


Old Folds vs. new Ease


Old Folds vs. new Ease


On the right, not bad for over 2.5 years of daily wear!

The Ease, as well as all their updated versions, have some new features (their first collection slippers are still great and available on sale currently). There are new stitching lines for a sharper look, as well as an improved fit for relaxation on the highest level. There are now also different colored soles, giving the option for just a bit more flair.

The sizing piece will probably  be the most challenging part considering the conversion sizing from this European company. They seem to stretch a bit with wear, but I have found that sticking with the standard conversion metrics (ex. 12M = 46Euro) is the way to go.

Bill Ringa’s slippers also run around $107 USD (not including shipping to the US), but they are 100% worth it. As you can see in the pictures above, even after daily wear for about 2 1/2 years still has my old pairs holding up quite nicely. If we do some math, this comes out to just about $4/month. This is truly an item that I can showcase the long-term durability on and I don’t know if I will ever have another pair of slippers in my closet.

Bill Ringa is also offering Run Oregon readers 20% off all new style items with code robmrbr20, making this even a sweeter opportunity! If you are on the fence (we know – $90 for running shoes is a lot – let alone for a pair of slippers), but these have shown to last longer than every pair of running shoes I have owned, and my feet are happy every day.


Company: Bill Ringa (Facebook)


  • Ease
    • 100% natural felted lambswool upper
    • Polyurethane cushion insole topped with felted wool
    • Rounded Latex rubber cupsole
    • Polyester textile pull tab


    • Sold online via (full collection)
    • ~$80-$125 + $30 shipping to US
    • 20% off all new style items with code robmrbr20

Additional Information:

  • Oxford silhouette with a modern twist
  • Felted wool uppers wick moisture for dry, comfortable feet
  • Lightweight latex rubber soles built for outdoor use
  • Branded shock-absorbing polyurethane insole with felted wool top layer
  • Easy-on, easy-off comfort, perfect for travel
  • Branded pull tab at the back to assist entry


Thank you to Bill Ringa for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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