What Run Oregon is Wearing: Yaktrax® Run


Yaktrax® have been around for enough years, and have enough brand recognition, that their name is used interchangeably to just mean “traction”. It’s the equivalent of saying “Google it” instead of “research it”. They’re well-known and for good reason: they just plain work.

I got my first pair of Yaktrax in 2014 for a winter running trip to Boulder, CO and they had their inaugural run up the iconic Flatirons. I’ve used them in our beloved Forest Park, on Mt. Tabor, and at Silver Falls. They’ve been up Mt. St. Helens and on many a great walk in New Zealand. They don’t require an epic adventure to be useful, though, and I’ve used them on our rare snow / ice days in Portland to walk the dog the neighborhood. These puppies are still holding up strong and they’re lightweight enough that if there’s even a question of their use-case, it’s no big deal to just throw them in.

The Yaktrax Run, designed, as you guessed it, for running, has a stud plate for the forefoot and coils for the heel. The studs are made of carbide steel and are removable. The coils are 1.4 mm and the entire thing weighs just a hair over 4 oz (roughly 8.2 oz per pair). While these are obviously meant for snow and ice running, they hold up well if encountering small patches of asphalt and I never felt the need to interrupt my run to protect my Yaktrax. You’ll notice you have them on but find they do not affect stride or stability; they are not uncomfortable and it only takes a few steps to get used to the difference.

Yaktrax has done a nice job of making them easy to put on, as well. They are clearly labeled “right” or “left” and the toe is marked so it’s just a matter of pulling them over your shoe and securing the velcro strap over top. They also have reflective strips both the front and back for inevitable dark winter running safety!

And while this last statement is less about the product and more about the company, but these come in packaging that is 100% recyclable. There’s no plastic to cut, no tags to remove, no excess. Just simple and thoughtful.

There’s still many months of good winter adventures to be had – if you don’t yet own a pair, grab some Yaktrax and find some snow to play in!




  • Weight: 9.7 – 11.7 oz. per pair
  • Sizes S, M, L, XL
  • Made of high strength natural rubber
  • 1.4 mm stainless steel coils
  • Carbide steel spikes
  • Reflective heel tab and performance strap offers safety
  • Anatomic right/left design
  • Gray/Red color scheme

More about Yaktrax:

Life doesn’t stop when winter starts. We know that because winter is in our DNA and we keep moving through it all. Yaktrax® was born high in the Himalayas, inspired by a seasoned Sherpa striding confidently across slick ice and thick snow. His footwear would spark a revolutionary invention — coil technology.

Since then, Yaktrax has spread across the globe to help athletes, construction crews, public service workers, soldiers, outdoorsmen, and anyone else who lives, works and plays in winter weather. Whether you walk, run or work on packed snow and ice, you can step confidently.

Named after the sure-footed Tibetan Yak, Yaktrax proudly offers a wide array of ice traction devices for your shoes in addition to other winter accessories. Whether you need the Walk for getting to the bus stop or mailbox or require extreme outdoor traction with our Summit, Yaktrax will always provide solid, predictable traction in any condition.

Thank you to Yaxtrax for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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Bobi Jo has lived all over the midwest but moved to Portland in 2007 and now calls it home. She started casually running in 2012 and trained up for the "Run Like A Mother" 5k as her first proper event. She got a taste of the runner's high and is now a veteran ultrarunner. While running is her favorite sport, she is a "Jill of all trades, master of none" - her other hobbies include rock climbing, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and traveling the world. On her elusive rest days, she is an avid bookworm and a Green Bay Packers fan.

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