Miles in Chiles Track Series Returns February 3

Running a track race is very different from a road race, and can be a lot of fun. Miles in Chiles is a rare indoor track series that takes place each winter at the University of Portland’s Chiles Center, and as fun to spectate as they are to race.

There are two races this year, the first on February 3 and the second on February 10.

At the February 3 meet, there will be a 200m, an 800m, and a mile.

The February 10 meet will include a 400m, an 800m, and a mile.

These are all-comer meets, and the timing will depend on the number of entrants for each distance (and how many heats are needed). The first heats will start at 7p and go from there. You’ll find runners ranging from high school track runners to professional athletes at these races.

Registration is $5 per event and participants are asked to please pay in cash. Registration will be open at the main entrance to the Chiles Center from 6p – 6:40p each night, after which time heats will be coordinated.

Get more information by following the Miles for Chiles facebook page here.

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