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Race Recap: 2019 Salem Fanciest 5K. Ever.

This was the 2nd annual Fanciest 5K. Ever. Unsurprisingly, and just like last year, it was a blast! I always enjoy themed races like this where you get to see everybody dressed up and having a blast. I especially like these races after the holidays where I know I ate too much and drank too much, as hitting a PR isn’t in the back of my mind. It also doesn’t hurt knowing the money raised is going to a great organization like Safety Compass which helps victims of sex trafficking.

This race started like any other and I blasted off the start line feeling pretty good. About .35 miles through I noticed nobody had passed me yet (I was running fast but not fast enough to be first) and looked behind me to see the other hundreds of participants going the other direction about 1/4 mile behind me! It was at this point that I realized I followed the wrong arrow off course! This was my first time doing this, and doing so this early in the race really made me face palm and audibly laugh at myself. Apparently the rain had washed one of the course arrows off to the wrong direction and me having my headphones so loud failed, to hear anyone yelling at me that I missed the turn! Anyhow, I was able to turn around and finish 10th overall with an additional 1/4 mile added to my race distance, not too shabby considering!

If you’re looking for a fun race to do after Christmas this one should make it on to your list. Running in fancy clothes and having post race food, snacks, and drinks as well as a photo booth provided by Apogee Events to commemorate the run makes this run well worth it!

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