Good Running Socks Are Worth It

balegaBalega is out with a new line of socks – the Lesedi Hidden Comfort socks, and I’m here today to tell you once again that Balega socks are (still) worth the investment. Actually, they might be even more worth the investment when you shop their special collections that raise funds for vital community programs and organizations..

I know a lot of people who balk at the price of legit running socks. They think, “They’re just socks, why should I spend so much?” Oh, so many reasons. Between the Run Oregon bloggers, I think I’ve had discussions about the merits of a good running sock on multiple occasions. It’s like the difference between good coffee and 3-hour old dregs from a gas station. Here are just a few reasons high-quality running socks are worth it:

  1. They feel good. There aren’t rough patches, seams that bore into your sweet little toes when your feel swell on a hot day, or little itchy areas you can’t seem to adjust into oblivion.
  2. They last so, so, so much longer. They will hold up longer, stay soft through more washes, and not pill as quickly as cheapies.
  3. They fit better. This means fewer hot spots and blisters. And they retain their fit for a very long time – they don’t shrink or get stretched out.
  4. Depending on which brand you favor, you’re likely supporting a good cause, buying from a company that pays a living wage, and supporting a small business instead of a huge conglomerate based across the ocean. Balega socks are made using U.S. yarn and knit in both the U.S. and in South Africa.

Speaking of supporting a good cause, I’d like to add this to another reason to buy Balega socks for yourself (or maybe for someone you love, too). They’ve recently introduced the Lesedi Hidden Comfort Sock. The amazing Hidden Comfort sock has been a favorite almost no-show sock for years, with it’s buttery soft feel and cushioned ankle collar.

The Lesedi Hidden Comfort socks are a special edition that are paired with beaded bracelets made by students at the Ethembeni School, which educates students with physical disabilities and impaired sight in the Kingdom of Zulu, which is part of the Union of South Africa. Students at this boarding school are supported in their own athletic endeavors, and many of them have competed at very high levels. Read more about the Ethembeni School here.

Balega has long supported the school – their efforts provide 12 full scholarships; sales from the Lesedi Hidden Comfort line are a new way to give back. $1 from each pair of Lesedi Hidden Comfort socks goes directly to the school.

The special edition is in part to celebrate Balega’s 16th year of making some of the best running socks you can wear. Balega’s VP of Marketing, Tanya Pictor, says, “The limited edition Lesedi Hidden Comfort sock collection in honor of all those who run and those who dream to run.”

Pick yourself up a pair at your favorite local running store, outdoor and sporting goods stores like REI, or find them online. The Lesedi Hidden Comfort socks come in six colors (shown below) with one-of-a-kind bracelets included with each pair.

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