Run Oregon Group Run Planning: Facebook Community

Run Oregon Group Run Planning
Going to a new group run – or your first ever group run – can be a crazy mix of emotions. You might feel nervous that no one will talk to you or they’ll all run crazy fast and leave you behind. You might feel excited (if you’re an extrovert) to meet other runners or to run in a group where you feel safer than running alone. Either way, just thinking about meeting up with strangers to do something where you might possibly stand out like a sore thumb can be an anxiety-inducing prospect.

But here’s what you won’t learn until you’ve found the right group: there are other runners who want to support you, get to know you, and watch you succeed. Whether you’re striving for a BQ or just getting into running, there are groups that want to see you reach your goal. Not all group runs are equal, and you might have to try a few before you find the one that makes you happy. You may also have to give a group run a month or two, especially if it’s a small group or attendance varies from week to week, but the important thing is to just keep trying group runs.

We’ve launched a facebook community from the Run Oregon facebook page, where run leaders can post the what, where, when, and how far for their group runs and runners can RSVP to help with planning. Ideally, other runners will then see others going at their pace and give that run a try. Check out the Run Oregon Group Run Planning community and find one for you! And if you don’t see one that works for you, go ahead and post with your neighborhood/city, your desired mileage, a pace range, and some prospective meet-up times.

Happy running, Run Oregon readers!


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