Women’s Wednesday Run: Let’s Run Together … Emphasis on “Together.”

So there’s this myth that you have to be at a certain fitness level to join a group run. Like, you’re expected to keep up no matter what, whether you know the route or not. And of course you should be prepared to run at least three miles, because otherwise what’s the point of a group run?

Well, the point of a group run is to run together.

That’s why we started a women’s run every Wednesday from the Murray Hill branch of the Beaverton City Library. It’s a group run aimed at new or returning women runners, with a target of 2 miles, run around a 12-minute per mile pace. Now, that’s the target, something to work towards over weeks and months of running together. If you’ve never run before or are nervous about even one mile, worry not!

The women at the women’s run (we refer to it as Wonder Woman Wednesday) are there to support each other. We use a safe word, “bananas,” to request a walk break or to slow down, and we talk about whatever comes to mind: our jobs, our families, the stupid thing our dog did that morning. We support mental health, giving ourselves grace, and loving our bodies for what they let us do. We want to meet new people from different walks of life and see things from different perspectives. And we run, and walk, and rest, together, for the entire distance.

Join us, ladies! Just meet at the Murray Hill library between 5:45 and 5:50 pm, on the Walgreen’s side of the building. Wear your reflective vest and some lights, bring your kiddos in strollers or your pupper, and be yourself. If you have questions about this group run, email me!


Kelly, MacKenzie, and Stacey (with little Sammy) at a women’s Wednesday run (before Daylight Savings Time).

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