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If there’s anything I’ve learned from all the countless hours I’ve spent running, it’s that good socks are as important as good shoes, (arguably even more so.) The first thing that attracted to me about the Ultra Lightweight Micro run socks from le bent was that they were a blend of two of my favorite running materials, rayon from bamboo and merino wool. Both of these natural products are simply heaven for your feet, especially when you abuse them as much as I do.

le bent is a company from Australia “founded by old friends” who originally set out to develop a stellar ski sock. The innovators at this company love the snow and the outdoors and were inspired by natural elements to make quality products.

The Definitive Fit System™ is designed to do just as the title suggests, which is to give you what I refer to as the “Cinderella Fit” of socks. The Snug Fit Y Heel, Instep Support, and Memory Stretch will help will mold perfectly to your foot to ensure your feet stay comfy through all the miles.

If your feet tend to get hot like mine do, you might sometimes be concerned about merino wool, but the mesh ventilation will let your feet breath. These socks naturally regulate to your temperature, which means they will be warm when your feet are cold and cool when your feet start feeling the heat. The wicking properties are also top notch, so the sweat will pull away from your skin.




There’s a ghost seam in the front of these socks to prevent blisters, and if you’ve ever felt a seam in a pair of socks while you run, you know exactly how important this feature is. There’s added material near the Achilles tendon to help with potential blisters and hot spots. Additionally, these socks have “no itch”  properties, due to smoother and rounder fibers. You can feel this immediately as you’re pulling the onto your feet for the first time.

Lastly, the antimicrobial fabrics of the socks mean they stay odor free. This not only makes pulling them off more pleasant, but this also means more control over the bacteria that comes with the stink of running socks.

When I put on the le bent socks for the first time, they felt a little cool and soft. I took them out on an hour long run and they kept my feet warm and dry on a drizzly Oregon morning. When I got home, I took off my shoes but kept my socks on. Life is hectic and I admittedly sometimes don’t get a shower in right away, and these socks were great for that lifestyle because my feet were dry when the shoes came off. My feet were not sweaty or stinky and more importantly the felt great, like they were wrapped in a soft blanket. I didn’t want to take the socks off.

If you’re on the fence about these socks (because, let’s face it, we want to feel a pair of socks and ideally run in them if we are going to put down good money,) there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee with le bent. They can be returned worn or unworn, no questions asked within 100 days from purchase. That should give you plenty of time to test them out!!



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Specs (from website):

  • 44% Rayon from Bamboo, 19% Merino Wool, 35% Nylon, 2% Elastane
  • Elastics & strategic stitching provide targeted support in all the key areas:
    1. Elasticated Instep: to make it secure and snug, no wrinkles or bunching.
    2. Ankle band: precision fit for those twists and turns all day long.
    3. Achilles Support: extra comfort in this high friction area, also minimising heel lift.
    4. Memory Stretch: moulds to your foot every time you put the socks on.

More about le bent:


Strong experience is at our core with 10 years technical boot fitting experience in an award winning boot lab in Val’d’Isere France, coupled with 15 years of professional skiing. In the boot lab we developed a deep understanding of the synergy between feet, socks and boots, witnessing first-hand how the wrong gear ruins a day on the hill. This is the same for not only skiers and boarders, but hikers and runners the world over. This knowledge was intertwined with innovation to design a sock delivering the ultimate in comfort and performance for all your adventures.

Thank you to le bent for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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