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In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m a runner. But first and foremost, I’m a mother. Trying to explain why mommy leaves for hours at a time to run or having to justify why I’m too tired to keep up after doing a 50k can be difficult for my children to grasp. The book My Mommy Runs, written by Matt Sorenson and illustrated by Andrew Langston, was a great addition to our library for many reasons.

As soon as I got this book, I read it to both of my kids. They loved the colorful illustrations and they immediately understood the message. The mom in the book, a cheetah, is a runner. The book explains, (in a way kids can understand,) why Mom runs.

To be filled with joy, like when I get a new toy, my mommy runs.

This was my kid’s favorite line of the book, because they really “get it.” This is something they can totally relate to in a fun way. There’s a lot of “why” in this book without having to say much else.

The child of the book also likes to run, and you can visibly see how proud he is of his mother. This melts my heart, as my 7 year old also runs, and I think it’s in part because his mommy does too. He doesn’t question why, it’s just something he wants to do. I believe seeing the kid in this book do the same validates it even more for him.

Matt Sorenson wrote this because as a parent who is also a runner, he had trouble finding books he could share with his own children about running. His publishing company, G5 Active, helped him in his pursuit to create this book for families like his, mine, and maybe yours. He’s currently in the process of getting My Daddy Runs, his second book, illustrated and out for you to enjoy.

You can email Matt here and get a copy of his book for $15.95. There are also some fun t-shirts on his website available to order. Check it out and stay tuned for more fun for the family!!


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