Race Preview: 2019 Rogue River Sprint Triathlon (Agness)

The Rogue River Triathlon is truly a community event also known as the “Triathletes in Training from Bridge to Bridge”. Run mainly as a fundraiser for two local organizations, the Agness Volunteer Fire Department and the Agness Community Library, with the ultimate aim to promote wellness and support those that provide wellness opportunities in the Rogue River area. 

This is a sprint distance triathlon and begins at the Agness RV Park behind Cougar Lane Store next to the Cougar Lane Docks. The event starts with a 0.5 mile swim going with the current in the Rogue River. Although the event begins at 9:00 am, swimmers are encouraged to be at the beach at 8:45 am. Unlike other triathlons, life jackets are required for the swim, and due to the nature of the river, water shoes are also encouraged for entering and exiting the water. The swim course begins with a short paddle upriver, then around a buoy to go with the current. After the buoy there is a small, and fun rapid that is best traversed on your back with your feet facing downstream. The river exit is well marked with balloons tied at shrub-level along the shoreline. 

Participants will then complete a 5K run. The 5K course runs up Agness Road outside the RV park and crosses the Shasta Costa Bridge where there will be an aid station and the turnaround point. 

Finally, a 12 mile bike ride will begin by exiting the RV park and heading downriver on Agness Road. Bikers will start on the right hand side of the road and are required to wear helmets. Bikers will cross the river on the Illinois/Rogue River confluence. There will be an aid station near the Trash Dogs sign, where participants will turn around and head back, this time passing the RV park entrance. The course then continues on to cross the Coon Rock Bridge to another aid station at the Foster Bar intersection. Then bikers will turn around and return to the finish line back at the RV park. You will be required to dismount before the finish line, and your finish time will be recorded at the time you are off your bike.  

There are a few lodging opportunities that allow participants not only the ease of access to the event but also a wonderful environment to add to the experience as a whole. The Agness RV Park, the Cougar Lane Lodge, the Singing Spring Resort, and the Lucas Lodge all provide lodging at a reasonable distance from the event. 


Date: August 3rd, 2019

Time: Check-In from 6:30 am – 8:30 am; Event Start at 9:00 am

Location: Agness RV Park

Price: Donations from $35-$75 guarantees participation

Beneficiaries: Agness Volunteer Fire Dept. & the Agness Community Library

Registration: Athletes in Training Registration Form

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